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Jason Momoa’s 1934 Martin D-28 – Holy Grail Guitar!

Jason Momoa has just bought the first Martin D-28 ever made. Built in February 1934 and one of three, this is a holy grail acoustic guitar

Jason Momoa just bought the first ever 1934 Martin D-28. Imagine the excitement of receiving a legendary musical artifact right at your doorstep, personally delivered by a vintage guitar expert. 

Jason Momoa’s 1934 Martin D-28

That’s precisely what happened at Jason Momoa‘s junkyard home when Trevor Boone from Emerald City Guitars arrived with a musical treasure. Documented in his latest YouTube video, this unique transaction has left guitar enthusiasts and fans of the Aquaman star buzzing with anticipation.

1934 Martin D-28

The Holy Grail Guitar

In a momentous introduction on his YouTube channel, Trevor Boone unveiled the historic instrument. “We’re dropping off a 1934 Martin D-28, which sounds like an early D-28 because it is: it’s actually the first one ever made.” These words set the tone for an incredible journey into the world of vintage guitars.

The Holy Grail Guitar Jason Momoa's 1934 Martin D-28 Guitar

The First One of Three

Boone shared some remarkable history: “Martin sent out three 1934 [models] during this first initial batch, and this is the first one they sent. To me, it’s a holy grail guitar. It’s a true privilege to handle this, transact it, and now deliver it.”

The reverence in his voice is palpable, highlighting the profound significance of this unique guitar in the world of music.

Jason Momoa's 1934 Martin D-28 Guitar

A Dive into History

In an earlier video, Trevor Boone took a deep dive into the history of the 1934 Martin D-28, shedding light on its pivotal role in the evolution of acoustic guitars.

This particular model is notable for being the first 14-fret D-28, representing a turning point in acoustic lineage.

During this era, longer necks, larger bodies, and steel strings were becoming the new standard, revolutionizing the sound of acoustic guitars.

Jason Momoa

1934 Martin D-28

The delivery of this iconic 1934 Martin D-28 to Jason Momoa‘s home is not just a personal acquisition but a significant moment in the history of music. As Trevor Boone aptly described it, this is a “holy grail guitar” that symbolizes a critical phase in the development of acoustic guitars.

In February 1934, Martin built a prototype of the D-28, and just a week later an order for three official builds was placed. Momoa’s was the first of the three, bearing the serial number #55676.

The excitement and privilege of handling such a musical relic are shared not only by Momoa but also by guitar enthusiasts worldwide. This unique transaction is a reminder of the rich heritage and timeless appeal of vintage guitars, and it’s a story that will resonate with music lovers for generations to come.

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