Fortin Unleashes Natas Distortion

The Fortin Natas Distortion is a tribute to a discontinued gem from their archives, a 2010-dated tube amp

Canadian guitar amp specialist Fortin is making waves with the release of their latest creation, the Natas Distortion pedal. This addition to their effects pedal lineup is a tribute to a discontinued gem from their archives, a 2010-dated tube amp bearing the same name.

Natas Distortion

If you’re in pursuit of blistering high-gain tones, this pedal promises to take you on a journey through the annals of metal history, from ’80s crunch to 21st-century technical wizardry.

Fortin Amplification Natas Distortion

Fortin describes the Natas as a “staggering piece of precision audio engineering.” It’s not just about recreating the past; it’s about surpassing expectations and claiming the title of “the most versatile modern distortion pedal available today.”

So, how does the Natas Distortion aim to fulfill this ambitious promise? Let’s break it down.

Channeling the Legacy

The original Natas amp was tailored for “extreme metal musicians.” It aimed to capture tones from the mid-’80s modified English crunch to ultra-tight late-’80s thrash, and even the aggressive down-tuned ’60s death metal.

Plus, it sought to embrace the most technical excursions of the 21st century. In essence, it was all about a heavy blend of tones.

Fortin Amplification Natas Distortion

Compact but Powerful

Despite its humble size, the Natas Distortion pedal wields an impressive array of tones. It accomplishes this through its three-band EQ, master Volume and Gain controls, and a Mid Shift toggle switch that offers a mid-scoop or mid-hump option.

For those who crave in-depth frequency manipulation, smaller control knobs for Girth and Grind are at your fingertips. Additionally, a Kill footswitch, positioned next to the bypass footswitch, provides an extra gain boost.

Fortin Natas


Fortin, with its reputation for shaping the sounds of metal legends like Kirk Hammett, Scott Ian, and Ola Englund, is well-equipped to craft a pedal with such a broad tonal palette. They’ve worked with renowned bands like Meshuggah, Slipknot, Whitechapel, and Architects. If anyone can deliver on the promise of versatility, it’s Fortin.

The Natas Distortion pedal is available for $299. If you’re a metal enthusiast, this pedal might just be your sonic time machine. Head over to Fortin’s website to learn more and listen to some demo clips.

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