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Thermion Freeway – Your Ultimate Analog Interface Amplifier

Exploring the Thermion Freeway - Your Ultimate Analog Interface Amplifier
The Thermion Freeway is an analog interface amplifier with a realistic Tube-Sounding DI and Reverb for your DAW

The Thermion Freeway is an analog interface amplifier that’s set to revolutionize your guitar-playing experience. Are you on the hunt for a versatile and compact guitar amplifier that provides a warm, analog sound and endless creative possibilities? Look no further.

The Freeway: More Than Just an Amplifier

The Thermion Freeway is more than just your typical guitar amplifier; it’s a multifunctional powerhouse that combines a DI guitar amp, speaker modeler, and recording interface, all packed into a pedal-sized unit.

Thermion Freeway - Analog Interface Amplifier

With this innovative device, you can play live shows, rehearse with your band, or capture your musical ideas wherever you go, all while enjoying those beloved warm, analog, and dynamic tones.

A Pedalboard in a Pedal

One of the standout features of the Freeway is its ability to serve as an all-in-one pedalboard. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing effects, overdrives, modulations, and preamps, allowing you to create complex soundscapes with ease.

Say goodbye to the clutter and complexity of traditional pedalboards; the Freeway simplifies your setup while giving you full stereo capability and an open signal path.

Thermion Freeway - Analog Interface Amplifier

Key Features at a Glance

– Analog Interface Amplifier
– Compact Pedal Format
– USB Recording Interface
– Stereo Analog Speaker Modeling Engine
– Full Analog Internal Preamp
– Stereo Effects Loop
– Preamp Loop for External Preamps
– Eight Stereo Reverb Types
– Powered by a 9V Standard Pedal Power Supply

Studio-Quality Recording

The Freeway is not limited to the stage; it’s also your trusty studio companion. Thanks to its USB compatibility with PC, iOS, and Android devices, you can easily record your guitar tracks or jam along with backing tracks using your computer or smartphone.

This versatility makes the Freeway an ideal choice for musicians who need a portable solution for recording.

Thermion Freeway - Analog Interface Amplifier

Analog Speaker Modeling Engine

The heart of the Freeway lies in its stereo Analog Speaker Modeling engine. This feature allows you to customize your speaker emulation, giving you a warm and detailed sound that’s true to the analog world. Plus, you can pair the Freeway with external speaker modelers or guitar power amps, bypassing the internal speaker emulation for added flexibility.

Endless Creative Possibilities

The Freeway doesn’t stop at its speaker modeling capabilities. It boasts eight stereo reverb options, allowing you to create lush and immersive atmospheres. The stereo effects loop ensures that your effects sound their best, while the preamp loop lets you integrate external preamps seamlessly.

Perfect for Those Who Want:

– A Realistic, Tube-Sounding DI Guitar Amplifier with Reverb
– Portability for Live Shows, Band Rehearsals, or Home Studio Use
– A Convenient Solution for Recording on PC or Mobile Devices
– The Full Potential of Stereo Effects
– Easy Integration of External Preamps

Crafted for Quality

The Thermion Freeway is not just about functionality; it’s also about quality. Each unit is hand-soldered and built in Spain, ensuring maximum durability and performance. The aerospace-grade aluminum and silk-screened printing guarantee a robust and reliable piece of gear that’s built to last.

Connectivity Galore

The Freeway offers an array of connections to cater to your needs:

– Guitar Input
– Effects Loop Send
– Effects Loop Return L (Mono)
– Effects Loop Return R
– Preamp Loop Send
– Preamp Loop Return
– Balanced XLR Output L (Mono)
– Balanced XLR Output R
– Unbalanced Output L (Mono)
– Unbalanced Output R
– Headphone Output

Fine-Tune Your Sound

With intuitive controls for treble, mid, bass, gain, and clean/crunch modes, you have the power to shape your sound precisely.

The Bright/Dark modes allow you to further refine your tone to suit your preferences. The reverb section offers multiple reverb types, so you can add the perfect ambiance to your sound.

Footswitch Flexibility

The Freeway’s footswitches give you on-the-fly control:

– Reverb On/Off
– Effects Loop On/Off
– Internal Preamp On/Off (If switched off, it’s replaced with the preamp connected through the preamp loop)

Thermion Freeway - Analog Interface Amplifier


In summary, the Thermion Freeway is a pretty versatile analog interface amplifier designed for guitar enthusiasts and professionals.

Whether you need a portable live performance solution, a versatile recording interface, or a way to enhance your effects, the Freeway has you covered.

Its high-quality construction and extensive feature set make it a must-have for any guitarist.

MSRP – € 309,92 plus applicable taxes

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