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DOD Chthonic Fuzz Pedal -Unleash Your Inner Guitar Demons

Rising from the deep, the DOD Chthonic Fuzz Pedal. Offers fat, corpulent, fudgy, and sludgy fuzz tones perfect for low output pickups

DigiTech/DOD has opened the gates to the underworld of guitar tones with the Chthonic Fuzz, a pedal that’s both vintage-inspired and versatile. Guitarists looking to embrace their darker side will find this pedal to be a potent companion. With its unique character and flexibility, the Chthonic Fuzz promises to take your guitar sound to the depths of musical darkness.

A Fuzz for All Guitars

The Chthonic Fuzz (pronounced “thaw-nick”) gets its name from the underworld, and it lives up to its dark reputation.

This deceptively minimalist pedal is designed to work its magic with a wide range of pickups, but it truly shines with “brighter” single-coil, P90, DeArmond, or gold-foil-equipped instruments. If you’re seeking sludgy, tight-grain fuzz tones, this pedal has got you covered.

DOD Chthonic Fuzz pedal

Versatile Sound Sculpting

DOD engineers have taken a ’70s-inspired single-knob fuzz circuit and expanded it with added functionality. Now, you have control over gain with a separate knob (Fuzz) and can shape your tone with a gentle passive tone control (Lustre).

This means you can maintain audible pick attack across the entire frequency spectrum. The Chthonic Fuzz is still easy to use, but it offers a broader palette of sounds, from the darkest, heaviest fuzz to subtle hints of gritty overdrive.

DOD Chthonic Fuzz

Vintage-Style Transistor Clipping

This pedal features a pair of 2N2222 transistors, delivering that classic transistor clipping sound. However, it’s not all about the dark side; you can easily dial it back by adjusting your guitar’s volume knob.

Like many vintage-style fuzz boxes, the Chthonic Fuzz works best when placed at the beginning of your signal chain.

Simple Design

The pedal’s design is intuitive, with the Fuzz and Output controls prominently displayed side by side at the top of the housing.

Just below the Fuzz control, you’ll find the smaller Lustre knob, allowing you to fine-tune your tone.

The Chthonic Fuzz also boasts a sturdy footswitch and a crisp blue LED power indicator. Its eye-catching “Kraken/Cthulhu” graphic adds a touch of darkness to your pedalboard.

DOD Chthonic Fuzz

True Bypass and Power Options

For those who value the purity of their guitar signal, the Chthonic Fuzz includes true bypass. Power it with a linear 9vDC adapter or a 9V Alkaline Dry Battery for convenience.

Availability and Pricing

Guitarists eagerly awaiting this sinister sound can get their hands on the Chthonic Fuzz starting on Halloween, October 31st. The MSRP is $208, but you can find it on the street for a devilishly good price of $149.99.

Embrace the darkness in your guitar sound and let the Chthonic Fuzz guide you to new musical horizons.

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