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Retro ’70s StingRay Bass: MusicMan’s Nostalgic Ode to a Classic

Retro '70s StingRay Bass Sunburst
Ernie Ball Music Man has taken a captivating journey back to the 1970s with the introduction of the Retro '70s StingRay bass.

In a tribute to the American craftsmanship of the 1970s, Music Man has unveiled the Retro ’70s StingRay Bass, a masterfully designed instrument that pays homage to the era’s iconic sound and style.

Retro ’70s StingRay Bass

The EBMM Retro ’70s StingRay Bass is available in four classic-inspired colors—black, white, vintage sunburst, and heritage natural—this throwback edition replicates the look and feel of Music Man’s flagship 4-string bass, all while sporting a glossy polyester topcoat.

EBMM Retro'70s StingRay Bass

Seventies Style

Faithfully adhering to the StingRay’s original specifications, this vintage-inspired bass features a 21-fret 3-Bolt maple neck with micro-tilt adjustment, a bullet truss rod adjustment, and a strings-through-the-body bridge complete with adjustable mute pads.

The Alnico-loaded humbucking pickup ensures that the Retro ’70s StingRay delivers that signature classic tone and feel.

Ash Body with a Polyester Finish

The Retro ’70s StingRay Bass boasts an ash body finished with a glossy polyester coat, capturing the essence of a bygone era with style and authenticity.

EBMM Retro'70s StingRay Bass

Alnico 5 Magnets Wound with Original Single Poly-Nylon Wire

The humbucking pickup is equipped with longer Alnico 5 magnets wound with original single poly-nylon wire, ensuring that this bass recreates the vintage sound that made the StingRay legendary.

Alnico 5 Magnets Wound with Original Single Poly-Nylon Wire

Period-Correct Gold Music Man Decal

Paying attention to every detail, Music Man includes a period-correct gold decal on the Retro ’70s StingRay, adding an authentic touch to its design.

Period-Correct Gold Music Man Decal

Original Pre-EB StingRay Bullet Truss Rod Adjustment

To achieve the perfect neck action, the bass features the original pre-EB StingRay bullet truss rod adjustment, allowing players to fine-tune their instrument to their liking.

Retro'70s StingRay Bass


The neck attachment, plated in chrome, uses a 3-bolt design with micro-tilt adjustment, eliminating the need for shims. This results in a firm connection between the neck and body, ensuring stability during performance.

Retro'70s StingRay Bass Sunburst

String-Through Body Bridge

Recreating the classic StingRay design, the bass is equipped with a string-through-body bridge featuring stainless steel saddles, providing both sustain and resonance.

Rubber Mute Pads

For those looking to achieve that iconic muted tone, the Retro ’70s StingRay Bass includes the original rubber mute pads, giving players the ability to dial in the perfect sound on demand.

Retro'70s StingRay Bass Sunburst

2-EQ Preamp

The 2-EQ preamp is meticulously hand-soldered and constructed with high-quality components, including vintage-correct ceramic disc capacitors. This attention to detail ensures that the Retro ’70s StingRay delivers an authentic and timeless tone.

Retro'70s StingRay Bass Sunburst


The Retro ’70s StingRay Bass is a lovingly crafted homage to the classic craftsmanship of the 1970s. With its impeccable attention to detail, vintage-inspired design, and commitment to recreating the legendary StingRay sound, it seamlessly combines the best qualities of traditional craftsmanship with modern playability and reliability.

Whether you’re a fan of the classics or a newcomer to the world of bass, this instrument is bound to strike a chord with any music enthusiast.

MSRP – $3199

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