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Mooer Prime P2: A Compact Powerhouse for Musicians on the Go

Mooer Prime P2
The Mooer Prime P2, takes the world of audio interfaces and multi-effects to the next level. With a sleek, compact design and a range of cutting-edge features.

Mooer has raised the bar with the introduction of the new Mooer Prime P2. This cutting-edge addition is the next generation of the ultra-compact P1 audio interface and multi-effects unit.

Mooer Prime P2

The Mooer Prime P2 effortlessly straddles multiple product categories, serving as both an audio interface and a multi-effects unit.

What’s more, it offers seamless connectivity via Bluetooth for audio playback and boasts a USB-C port for convenient on-the-go recording. The inclusion of a 1.3″ touchscreen is a notable upgrade from its predecessor, the P1.

Mooer Prime P2

Amp & Effect Models Galore

Dive into a world of sound possibilities with access to 52 amp models and 25 Cab Sims. If that’s not enough, you can expand your sonic palette with downloadable GNR and IR file slots.

With 57 classic and experimental effects models, you can explore everything from vintage amp simulations to lush stereo reverbs, modulations, and delays. The best part? You have complete control over your effect chain, allowing you to arrange the blocks in any order to suit your creativity.


Smartphone App Integration

Take your sound editing to the next level with the MOOER Prime app. It empowers you to dive deep into editing preset patches and effects chain parameters.

With the ability to save and recall up to 80 presets you’ll never miss your favorite tones. You can even share presets via the MOOER Tone Cloud, giving you access to an extensive library of tones from fellow musicians. It’s a game-changer for tone enthusiasts.

Drums, Looper, and MIDI Control

A smart device can be your ultimate companion with the Mooer Prime P2. Use it to control the built-in tuner, drum machine, metronome, and looper. For hands-free operation, Mooer recommends the F-Series wireless footswitch (available separately), making it an excellent choice for live performances.

Need more control? An integrated MIDI interface allows you to switch presets, control the looper, and manage the drum machine with ease.

Battery-Powered Portability

Don’t fret about finding a power source. The integrated battery provides up to five hours of continuous playtime. Whether you’re practicing in silence or recording on the move, the Mooer Prime P2 is a truly portable solution with a real-world running time that meets your needs.

Final Thoughts

The Mooer Prime P2 is the epitome of feature-packed, making it a viable choice for musicians seeking a creative tool on the move. Unleash your musical creativity with the Mooer Prime P2. Whether you’re a guitarist, a songwriter, or a performer, this compact powerhouse is designed to elevate your music experience. Choose your color, embrace the future of sound, and take your music wherever you go.

You can buy the Mooer P2 in Black or White from Thomann for $212.

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