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Ibanez TW10 Twin Peaks Wah Pedal – Dual Peak Points

Ibanez TW10 Twin Peaks Wah-Pedal
The Ibanez Twin Peaks Wah features dual peak points allowing for a unique twist on the wah-pedal classic effect

Ibanez TW10 Twin Peaks Wah-Pedal. This innovative pedal takes the classic wah-wah effect and turns it up a notch, offering guitarists a unique and exciting sonic experience. 

Dual Peak Points for Double the Sound

What makes the Ibanez TW10 Twin Peaks Wah-Pedal different?

Unlike traditional wah-wah pedals that rely on a single peak point to create the iconic effect, the Twin Peaks pedal goes a step further. It boasts dual peak points at both higher and lower frequencies, thanks to its dual inductor circuitry. This means you can explore a wider range of tones and textures, opening up new possibilities for your guitar playing.

Ibanez TW10 Twin Peaks Wah-Pedal

BALANCE Control: Mix It Your Way

The secret to the Twin Peaks’ versatility lies in its BALANCE control. This knob allows you to adjust the mix ratio of the two peak levels created by the dual inductor circuit resonances.

Ibanez TW10 Twin Peaks Wah-Pedal BALANCE control

If you turn it counter-clockwise, you emphasize the higher-frequency peak, while turning it clockwise accentuates the lower-frequency peak. This means you have complete control over the balance between the two peaks, giving you the power to craft your own unique sound.

Ibanez TW10 Twin Peaks Wah-Pedal

TONE Mode Switch: High or Low, You Decide

The TONE mode switch on the Twin Peaks pedal lets you select the wah sweeping frequency range, either HIGH or LOW.

– HIGH: With the higher frequency resonance sweeping from 670Hz to 3kHz, you get a broader range than what typical wah-wah pedals offer. Keep in mind that this might produce a brighter tone, so you can adjust the balance and level controls on the pedal or your guitar’s tone control to fine-tune it.

– LOW: If you prefer a more traditional wah sound, the lower frequency resonance sweeps from 440Hz to 2kHz, a range commonly used on classic wah-wah pedals. This setting gives you that vintage wah-wah feel, perfect for those classic rock vibes.

Master LEVEL Control: Fine-Tune Your Output

The Master LEVEL control on the Twin Peaks pedal manages the overall output signal level. It provides unity gain at the 12 o’clock position, and if you turn it up, you can enjoy a +6dB boost, allowing you to stand out in the mix and add some extra oomph to your solos.

Ibanez TW10 Twin Peaks Wah-Pedal BALANCE control

Additional Information:

– True Bypass: The Twin Peaks pedal features true bypass, ensuring that your guitar’s natural tone remains unaltered when the pedal is disengaged.

– I/O’s: It has input and output jacks for easy integration into your pedalboard setup.

– Weight and Size: The pedal is compact and lightweight, weighing in at 815g and measuring 96(W) x 202(D) x 84(H) mm, making it easy to fit into your pedalboard.

– Power Supply: The Twin Peaks pedal can be powered by a single 9-volt battery or an external DC 9-volt AC adapter, ensuring you’re always ready to rock.

MSRP – $159

Guitar Bomb Verdict

In conclusion, the Ibanez TW10 Twin Peaks Wah-Pedal is an interesting wah for guitarists looking to explore new horizons in their sound. With its dual peak points, BALANCE control, and TONE mode switch, you have a wide range of sonic possibilities at your fingertips.

Whether you’re into classic wah-wah sounds or want to push the boundaries, the Twin Peaks pedal is a versatile and exciting addition to your pedalboard. Start experimenting with this groundbreaking wah-wah pedal from Ibanez and elevate your guitar playing to new heights!

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