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Get Soundtoys Little Plate $99 Reverb for Free – Limited Time Offer!

Soundtoys' Little Plate, a tribute to the legendary EMT 140 plate reverb. For a limited time, you can grab this $99 plugin for FREE

Unlock the magic of Soundtoys’ Little Plate, inspired by the legendary EMT 140 plate reverb, and take your music to new heights. For a limited time, you can grab this $99 value plugin for FREE. 

Soundtoys Little Plate $99 Reverb for Free

Are you a music enthusiast looking to enhance your audio with high-quality reverb effects? Soundtoys has a fantastic deal for you. Inspired by the classic EMT 140 plate reverb, Soundtoys has crafted the Little Plate plugin, adding a modern twist and infinite possibilities to your audio productions.

Get Soundtoys Little Plate $99 Reverb for Free - Limited Time Offer!

Simple Control, Infinite Possibilities

Once Soundtoys recreated the iconic EMT 140 sound, they didn’t stop there. While the original reverb offered a mere five seconds of reverberation time, Soundtoys extended it significantly. With the Decay Time set to infinity, Little Plate’s reverb tails never fade away, offering a unique audio experience.

Soundtoys Little Plate

Cut the Clutter

To maintain clarity in your mixes, Soundtoys has included a built-in Low Cut filter. This feature helps you control low-frequency buildup in your reverb, ensuring a clean and balanced sound.

Space Modulator

Little Plate also comes equipped with a Mod switch, allowing you to introduce subtle modulation into the reverb tail. This feature adds depth and texture, particularly for instruments like keys, guitar, and vocals with extended decay times.

Soundtoys Little Plate

A Little Plate History

The EMT 140, the inspiration for Little Plate, used a magnetic transducer to create its signature sound. First introduced in 1957, it offered a unique and sought-after reverb sound that remains popular today. However, the original hardware is becoming increasingly rare, making Little Plate an invaluable addition to any studio.

Current Version: 5.4

Release Log
Soundtoys Little Plate is now compatible with Apple Silicon and VST 3, ensuring smooth performance on various platforms.

Plug-in Formats (64-bit only)
– AAX Native
– AAX AudioSuite
– VST 2
– VST 3
– Audio Units (AU)

Supported Sample Rates
– Minimum: 44.1 kHz
– Maximum: 192 kHz

System Requirements
– Operating systems: Mac OS X 10.12 or later; Windows 7 or later.
– An internet connection is required at the time of activation.

Supported Hosts
– Pro Tools
– Ableton Live
– Cubase
– Nuendo
– Logic Pro
– Studio One
– Reaper
– Bitwig Studio

How To Claim

Follow the link below and fill in your details to claim your free copy. Don’t miss this opportunity to add a touch of vintage reverb magic to your music with Soundtoys Little Plate. Act quickly, as this free offer ends on December 1. Enhance your audio and create captivating soundscapes today!

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