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Red Witch Synthotron III: A Unique Analog Synth, Filter, and Chorus

Red Witch Synthotron III
Red Witch introduces the Synthotron III, an all-analog monophonic guitar synthesizer featuring filter, sample and hold, and analog chorus.

Red Witch has introduced the Synthotron III, an all-analog monophonic guitar synthesizer that combines a filter, sample and hold, and analog chorus in one pedal.

Red Witch Synthotron III

According to Ben Fulton, the owner and designer of Red Witch, “The Synthotron III is the most distinctive pedal I’ve ever created. Its predecessors, Synthotron I and II, were unique but somewhat polarizing due to the challenges of analog tracking.

Synthotron III retains the qualities people loved about its predecessors but offers a vastly improved and expanded design. It stands as the only pedal globally capable of producing such sounds, amidst the sea of Fuzz, Chorus, and overdrive pedals.”

Red Witch Synthotron III
Red Witch Synthotron III

What Sets Synthotron III Apart:

– The Synthotron III features three distinct effects – Synth, Filter, and Chorus – which can be used independently or combined for a diverse sound palette.
– Each effect has its own dedicated foot switch for easy engagement or disengagement.
– The pedal is a true bypass design, ensuring it won’t affect your tone when not in use, and operates on a standard DC 9-volt pedal power supply. It converts this 9-volt power to 18 volts, providing maximum headroom and stability.

Red Witch Synthotron III analog synth voices


Synthesizer Section Highlights:

– The Synthotron III boasts four independent all-analog voices, each with pitch and octave settings, offering an extensive tonal range.
– Voice controls allow you to set Unison, octaves up and down, and other intervals for unique sonic exploration.
– The pedal provides decay and infinite sustain options for each voice, enabling precise control over note duration and sustain.
– The Flux dial and toggle allow for varying glissando between notes and provide options for staccato play.
– Separate Dry level control, external Dry out, external CV in, and external Trigger in enhance versatility.

Red Witch Synthotron III inputs:outputs

Filter Section Features:

– Choose between Sample Hold Mode, Envelope Filter Mode, and Manual Sweep Mode (via an expression pedal).
– Velocity and Frequency controls adjust the filter’s speed and range.
– External Exp jacks enable external expression pedal control for filter range and LFO speed.

Red Witch Synthotron III backplate

Chorus Section Highlights:

– The all-analog chorus section is based on the Empress Deus Chorus and utilizes an NOS MN3007 bucket brigade chip.
– Twin voice settings offer warm or shimmery chorus options.
Velocity controls the chorus speed, while Mix and Depth control the blend and depth of the chorus effect

Limited Production

Red Witch plans to produce a maximum of 100 Synthotron III units by the end of 2023. Each pedal will be hand-signed and numbered by Ben Fulton himself.

Priced at $599 USD, the Synthotron III is certainly something special and different from the average guitar effect.

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