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LEAK: Fender Bruno Mars Stratocaster in Mars Mocha Heirloom

Fender Bruno Mars Stratocaster Leaked
Fender Bruno Mars Stratocaster leaks online. New signature in an all-new Mars Mocha Heirloom Nitrocellulose Lacquer finish

The Fender Bruno Mars Stratocaster features a stunning Mars Mocha Heirloom Nitrocellulose Lacquer finish. This eye-catching guitar has surfaced on dealer sites across Europe.

UPDATE 07/11/23

It is officially out now and a limited edition, priced at $2999.99 in the US and £3149 in the UK.

A Tribute to a Musical Icon

Bruno Mars, known for his incredible talent as a producer, singer, and songwriter, has left an indelible mark on the music industry.

With his unique blend of pop, R&B, funk, soul, reggae, disco, and rock, he has made millions around the world groove to his tunes. Accompanied by his band, The Hooligans, this multi-instrumentalist from Honolulu has forever changed the world of music.

In honor of this influential musician, Fender proudly presents the Bruno Mars Stratocaster, a guitar that captures the very essence of the “Locked Out Of Heaven” singer.

Fender Bruno Mars Stratocaster Leaked

A Guitar Crafted in Collaboration

This dynamic instrument was designed in collaboration with Bruno Mars himself, incorporating some of his most beloved features from his own guitar collection.

It boasts an ash body, American Ultra contours, a compound radius fretboard, stainless steel frets, and custom-designed pickups. The custom Bruno Mars Stratocaster-type pickups are designed to replicate the musician’s favorite bright and crisp tones.

  • Bridge Pickup: Custom Bruno Mars Noiseless Strat
  • Middle Pickup: Custom Bruno Mars Single-Coil Strat
  • Neck Pickup: Custom Bruno Mars Single-Coil Strat

Fender Bruno Mars Stratocaster Leaked

New Heirloom Finish

What makes this guitar truly special is its Heirloom-type finish, a first in Fender’s production history. This finish imparts the body with small dings and signs of wear, reminiscent of a well-maintained vintage guitar.

Paired with the Mars Mocha Heirloom Nitrocellulose Lacquer finish and Heirloom Gold hardware, it’s a sight to behold. It is as standard a black three-ply pickguard matched with Aged White Plastic control knobs.

Fender Bruno Mars Stratocaster Leaked

A Sound to Remember

The ash body of the Fender Bruno Mars Stratocaster produces a deep and resonant sound. Thanks to its American Ultra contour, it should be incredibly comfortable to play, with easy access to the highest frets.

The Mars Mocha Heirloom Nitrocellulose Lacquer finish not only adds to its vintage aesthetic but also contributes to its exceptional sound.

Fender Bruno Mars Stratocaster Rear Leaked

Compound Radius

The compound profile of 9.5″-12″ on a maple fretboard will provide a comfortable feel and a smooth ride.

Fender Bruno Mars Stratocaster headstock


Heirloom Gold Hardware

The guitar has a Fender USA  2-Point Synchronized Tremolo and Deluxe Locking Tuners to ensure great stability and sustain.

To top it off, the Heirloom Gold Hardware finish adds to the overall appeal, making it feel like a cherished guitar for years to come.

Fender Bruno Mars Stratocaster Leaked

The Complete Package

The Fender Bruno Mars Stratocaster comes with a Deluxe Brown Hardshell Case, and a custom leopard print strap, plus an extra 3-ply mint green pickguard.

Fender Bruno Mars Stratocaster leak

Guitar Bomb Verdict

In summary, the Fender Bruno Mars Stratocaster is a guitar that pays homage to a true musical icon and delivers both style and substance. With its unique features and stunning finish, it’s a must-have for guitar enthusiasts and Bruno Mars fans alike.

The new Fender Heirloom finish process is also something a lot of players may now want to see on new releases in the future. This USA Fender certainly packs in the features, so could be a great instrument to play.

Bruno Mars has worked with Fender in the past and back in 2014 they made him some custom Strats for his Gorilla video, which you can see below.

MSRP – €3376 on European dealer sites

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