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John McGeoch: The Light Pours Out Of Me

John McGeoch- The Light Pours Out Of Me
John McGeoch: The Light Pours Out Of Me is the proposed new film about the late guitarist's life and is now on Kickstarter.

John McGeoch: The Light Pours Out Of Me is the proposed new film all about the legendary Post Punk guitarist. The project is currently attempting to raise £40,000 to get the film off the ground and into production.

John McGeoch

John McGeoch: The Light Pours Out Of Me. The Kickstarter campaign for this biography, all about the life of John McGeoch has just launched. It aims to raise at least £40,000 to cover the following costs: – Crew fees – Equipment hire – Travel and accommodation – Insurance – Cost of rewards for any Kickstarter supporters


McGeoch has always been one of my guitar heroes and I have had the pleasure in my life to play his unique guitar parts whilst playing covers of his songs in bands. His signature angular guitar style isn’t easy to emulate and he truly was a guitar genius.

The following is the overview of the project and gives a brief synopsis of what the new film will contain. I’m super excited about this project myself, as I have been a huge fan of the late guitarist’s work all my life (my daughter’s middle name is Siouxsie, so there is a clue of how much his music has impacted my life).


The Light Pours Out Of Me

Discover the extraordinary life and musical legacy of John McGeoch, a legendary Scottish guitarist who left an indelible mark on the post-punk sound. This feature documentary, “John McGeoch: The Light Pours Out Of Me,” delves into his life, his influence on music, and the personal challenges he faced.

Born in Greenock, Scotland, John McGeoch emerged as one of the most respected guitarists of his generation, crafting a unique sound that would influence a new wave of musicians. Collaborating with icons such as Howard Devoto, Siouxsie Sioux, and John Lydon. McGeoch reshaped the way the guitar was played, leaving a lasting imprint on artists like Johnny Marr, Jonny Greenwood, James Dean Bradfield, and John Frusciante.

siouxsie and the banshees

The Personal Toll

While McGeoch’s innovative guitar style defined the 1980s and 1990s music scene, it took a heavy toll on his personal life. Struggles with substance abuse and the emotional weight of being away from his family adversely impacted his mental health.

John McGeoch


A Daughter’s Perspective

This intimate film will be narrated through the lens of McGeoch’s daughter, Emily, who lost her father at the tender age of 15. Emily uncovers the remarkable career of her father and how his gentle spirit clashed with the often insensitive music industry.

At the pinnacle of his fame, McGeoch left the music world to become a nurse, dedicating his life to caring for those in need.

A Glimpse into the Past

The proposed new film draws from the best-selling biography, “John McGeoch: The Light Pours Out of Me,” by Rory Sullivan-Burke. In the book, it explores the changing world and the era left behind. Utilizing a wealth of archive material, including Super8 (70s), VHS (80s), and MiniDV (90s), they attempt to reconstruct this vanished world. The loss experienced by Emily and the music world is paralleled by the loss of an era.

A Loving Tribute

This is John McGeoch’s story, as told by those who cherished him the most – his close family and the broader community of renowned musicians who had the privilege of knowing and collaborating with him.

McGeoch was a complex man, equally humorous and confident on stage, and kind and loving off it. The film delves into his decision to leave music behind to care for his daughter, shedding light on masculinity and gender stereotypes of the 1980s.

Unveiling the Unspoken

Universal questions about creativity and the sacrifices artists make for recognition are woven throughout this film.

As success led to pressure and pressure to addiction, McGeoch’s struggle with mental health and addiction is unveiled in a sensitive manner. These themes resonate with contemporary discussions on mental health and addiction.

John McGeoch The Light Pours Out Of Me cover

A Collaborative Effort

The documentary is made with the full support of John McGeoch’s family and in collaboration with Rory Sullivan-Burke, his authorized biographer.

John McGeoch: The Light Pours Out Of Me is a profound exploration of a musical genius, a loving father, and the intricate web of emotions and challenges that defined his life. Join us on this journey to uncover the essence of a legendary guitarist and the impact he left on the world of music.

To pledge money to help get this film off the ground follow the Kickstarter link below.

Spread the word and let’s all get this film into production. I’ve pledged to get my name on the credits, and every little will help, so dig deep people.

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