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JHS NOTAKLÖN Solderless Overdrive Pedal Kit – $99 Klon

JHS NOTAKLÖN Solderless Overdrive Pedal Kit
Introducing the JHS NOTAKLÖN DIY Overdrive Kit: A Solderless Klon-style pedal kit for guitar enthusiasts that want to build their own pedal

JHS has revealed its NOTAKLÖNDIY Overdrive kit, featuring the iconic “Shamrock” modification inspired by JHS’s work on the Klon KTR. Plus, one lucky person will get a Golden Ticket inside the box.


With a focus on simplicity and no-soldering-required assembly, this kit is perfect for anyone craving a mythical overdrive while relishing the joy of building their own pedal.

JHS NOTAKLÖN Solderless Overdrive Pedal Kit


The package even includes some special “goop” for concealing the magical diodes, adding an extra touch of DIY magic.


Solderless DIY

This complete pedal-building kit includes everything you need to make your own Klon pedal. Plus, it requires no soldering so would be great for beginners as a first DIY pedal for anyone wanting to try out pedal building.

JHS NOTAKLÖN Solderless Overdrive Pedal Kit


  • Output: Adjust the pedal’s overall volume with a simple left-to-right control. Left for less, right for more.
  • Treble: Fine-tune your treble boost or cut. The Noon position is neutral.
  • Gain: Control the intensity of the overdrive. Turn fully left for a clean tone with the option to add up to +16dB of clean boost when combined with the output. Turn fully right for maximum overdrive, with an increase in mid-frequency range as you dial it up.
  • Shamrock Mod Switch: Activate this switch to increase the overall gain by +4dB, providing unmatched boost capabilities with heightened mid frequencies and an additional stage of hard-edge clipping.


  • Requirements: NOTAKLÖN demands a 9V DC negative center power supply, consuming a mere 30mA.
  • Caution: Avoid exceeding 9V DC, as the pedal internally converts 9V to 18V. Any deviation will result in voiding your warranty.

Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket

A Golden Ticket will be inserted into one of the first 1000 NOTAKLÖN shipments. The famed Golden Ticket is worth $1500 towards any JHS Pedals order!

MSRP – $99

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