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Seymour Duncan PowerStage 100 Stereo Amp

PowerStage 100 Stereo amp pedal
Seymour Duncan PowerStage 100 Stereo is its first stereo power amp pedal. Could this be the perfect amp modeling partner?

Seymour Duncan, renowned for its innovation in the world of guitar gear, has just introduced the PowerStage 100 Stereo. Could this be the perfect compact amp for gigging guitarists?

PowerStage 100 Stereo

The Seymour Duncan PS 100 Stereo boasts an extensive tonal palette with its five-band EQ. Musicians can finely tune their sound using parameters such as Bass, Low-Mid, Hi-Mid, Treble, and Presence.

The addition of a larger Level controller enhances the overall control, providing musicians with unprecedented command over their sonic landscape. A dedicated button to activate the power amp EQ further adds to the versatility of this pedal.

PowerStage 100 Stereo.jpg

Connectivity for the Modern Musician

Addressing the needs of contemporary musicians, the PS 100 Stereo features stereo inputs and outputs. Additionally, instrument-level balanced XLR outputs enable seamless integration with mixing boards, ensuring a professional and clean signal transmission. Notably, the stereo outputs come equipped with a switchable analog Cab Sim, offering a genuine cabinet simulation experience. A thoughtful addition is the EQ application button, allowing users to apply the EQ to the balanced output for added flexibility.

Key Features at a Glance

– Stereo configuration, delivering 100 watts per channel at 4 ohms
– Five-band EQ for precise tonal sculpting
– Stereo-balanced outputs for versatile connectivity
– True Cab Circuitry (TCC) for an authentic cabinet simulation

PowerStage 100 Stereo


Part of the acclaimed PowerStage line, this compact power amp embodies high-headroom Class-D amplification, serving as the ideal conduit for the sonic intricacies of preamps, pedal chains, or amp modelers. With 100 watts per channel in a stereo setup, the PS 100 Stereo caters to the demands of contemporary guitarists.

Perfectly suited for amplifying the nuances of modern modeling units on stage, this pedal is potentially a great solution for working guitarists. The extended EQ section and balanced line outs, featuring switchable analog cabinet simulation, ensure an authentic projection through any sound system.

Experience clarity in stereo as the meticulously crafted sounds from your amp modeler, multi-effects unit, or preamp comes to life through any pair of speakers, all encapsulated in a compact design that fits seamlessly on your pedalboard.

PowerStage 100 Stereo amp pedal

Guitar Bomb Verdict

In conclusion, Seymour Duncan’s PowerStage 100 Stereo emerges as a powerhouse solution for guitarists seeking a reliable, versatile, and high-performance stereo power amp pedal. It could be the perfect companion to an amp modeling setup and is compact enough to make it a viable solution for gigging musicians.

MSRP – $599

More Information


Seymour Duncan - PowerStage™ 100 Stereo

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