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S by Solar: Affordable Guitars for Aspiring Players

S by Solar
S by Solar is Ola Englund's new affordable guitar and bass range. With 17 models on launch divided into 6 categories

Solar Guitars founder Ola Englund has expanded his musical empire with the launch of “S by Solar,” a brand-new line aimed at revolutionizing the budget-friendly metal and electric guitar markets. With 17 models spanning six body shape categories, all priced under $349.

S by Solar

In a strategic move, Ola Englund acknowledges the need to make quality instruments accessible to beginners and intermediate players.

While Solar Guitars initially targeted professional and advanced musicians, the introduction of “S by Solar” addresses the affordability gap for aspiring metallers and younger players.

S by Solar
S by Solar

Affordable and with Choices

Currently, the most affordable guitar in the Solar Guitar range is the AB2.6GM, which comes in at $529.  Whereas, the S by Solar models start at a mere $219.

The real surprise lies in the extensive range of options, with 17 variations across T-type, V-style, Explorer-esque, and SuperStrat-inspired body shapes. These guitars are priced attractively between $219 and $349, making them an enticing choice for those on a budget.

Englund, reflecting on the new brand, stated, “With everything we have learned at Solar Guitars, we knew we could create an opportunity for lower-priced guitars that young people and beginners would appreciate, with the goal to put the right tools in your hands from day one.”

S by Solar Guitars Range

Six Categories

The guitars boast detailed craftsmanship and design, staying true to the Solar Guitars ethos. With six categories – ‘TB,’ ‘VB,’ ‘EB,’ ‘AB,’ ‘SB,’ and ‘AB’ bass – and a variety of pickup configurations, finishes, and string orientations, there’s a perfect fit for every aspiring guitarist.

S by Solar Bass


Constructed with poplar bodies, and maple bolt-on necks. They are available with either 24 nickel frets or 22 nickel frets and Black Techwood fretboards. Plus, they are launching with 6-string and 7-string guitars.

The finishes include Carbon Matte Black, White Matte, Flame Blue, and Flame Red flame maple top options. Notably, the SB models feature genuine Floyd Rose tremolos, providing additional versatility.

Guitar Bomb Verdict

Englund’s move to cater to a younger audience aligns with the current economic climate, making quality guitars more accessible to aspiring musicians.

Affordable, versatile, and backed by the expertise of Solar Guitars, these instruments are set to make waves in the world of lower-priced electric guitars. It is good to see Ola Englund breaking into this market and hopefully, this new brand will bring good value to the beginner’s guitar market.

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