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Chase Bliss Lossy Pedal in Collaboration with Goodhertz

Chase Bliss Lossy
Chase Bliss has teamed up with software plugin giant Goodhertz to launch the Lossy pedal. A Lo-Fi Bit crushing pink wonder!

In the world of music technology, Chase Bliss has taken another significant step forward with the launch of its latest pedal, the Chase Bliss Lossy. This cutting-edge pedal is a result of a creative partnership with software plugin developer Goodhertz, known for its expertise in audio effects.

Chase Bliss Lossy

The Chase Bliss Lossy pedal brings the essence of lo-fi bit crushing, a popular effect in digital audio workstations (DAWs), directly to musicians’ pedalboards, marking a significant advancement in the integration of digital and analog sound processing.

Chase Bliss Lossy

Lo-Fi Bit Crusher Effect

The core concept behind the Lossy pedal is its innovative bit and sample reduction technology. This unique feature transforms the sound output of guitars and synthesizers, emulating the aesthetic of a broken MP3 file or streaming audio over a 56k modem connection.

Lossy also contains a spectral freeze that can follow your playing and evolve at a speed of your choosing.

It’s an artistic approach to sound manipulation, offering musicians a new realm of creative possibilities.

Chase Bliss Lossy

Distinct Modes for Sound Manipulation

Chase Bliss Lossy boasts three distinctive “loss” modes, each offering a unique way to alter sound textures:

1. Submerged Sparkles: A mode that adds a glittering, underwater effect to the music.
2. Feathery Plunks: This setting provides a light, airy touch to the notes, creating a feathery sound.
3. Shifting Digital Clouds: For a more ethereal and fluctuating sound landscape.

Each of these modes provides a different approach to ‘destroying’ or deconstructing the sound, adding depth and texture to musical compositions.

Chase Bliss Lossy
Chase Bliss Lossy

Comprehensive Control

The pedal is equipped with six controls for fine-tuning:

– Loss: Adjusts the intensity of the selected mode.
– Verb: Adds a uniquely ‘broken’ reverb effect.
– Speed: Controls the frequency of interruptions in the signal.
– Global: Manages the overall volume of the effect.
– Filter Section: Includes controls for the strength and frequency of a high-pass filter.

Moreover, a built-in limiter ensures the prevention of undesirable harshness in the sound. An additional gate feature rhythmically chops up the signal for added creativity.

Chase Bliss Lossy DIP switches

Extended Functionality

The Lossy pedal also features a series of DIP switches for activating additional functions or modes, enhancing its versatility. It offers extensive connectivity options, including MIDI, CV, and an expression pedal, allowing for broader control and integration into various setups.

MSRP – $399

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