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Epiphone Introduces that Iconic Gibson Headstock

Epiphone Iconic Gibson Headstock
Epiphone's Gibson-style headstock will feature on the brand’s new top-tier Inspired by Gibson Custom Shop models

Epiphone introduces that iconic Gibson Open Book headstock shape. Having recently unveiled the much-anticipated Kirk Hammett ‘Greeny’ 1959 Les Paul Standard model, a significant addition to their range, especially notable for featuring that classic Gibson open-book headstock shape.

Epiphone Iconic Gibson Headstock

This reintroduction marks a notable shift since the shape’s removal post-Gibson’s 2018 takeover, a move that had sparked debates among guitar enthusiasts. The Greeny Les Paul, priced at $1,499, is the first Epiphone model post-2018 to sport this iconic design.

Epiphone Open Book Headstock for Greeny

‘Inspired by Gibson Custom Shop’

While the Greeny Les Paul is the headliner, Epiphone has announced that this coveted headstock design will not be exclusive to this model. According to Mat Koehler, Gibson Brands VP of Product, future top-tier ‘Inspired by Gibson Custom Shop’ Epiphone models will also boast the Gibson open-book headstock. This decision indicates a strategic approach to product differentiation within the Epiphone line, offering an array of options for guitarists at different price points.

Epiphone Introduces that Iconic Gibson Headstock
Epiphone Introduces that Iconic Gibson Headstock

Kalamazoo Headstock

The standard Epiphone Les Paul models will continue featuring the brand’s own headstock design, inspired by the late-’50s Kalamazoo-era aesthetics. However, the ‘Inspired by Gibson Custom Shop’ line, including the high-end Greeny, will offer the Gibson headstock, signaling a blend of Epiphone affordability with Gibson’s esteemed design elements.

Epiphone Kirk Hammet Greeny 1959 Les Paul Standard
Epiphone Kirk Hammet Greeny 1959 Les Paul Standard


While this move offers more choices for guitar buyers, it also represents a strategic business decision by Gibson’s modern-era management. It caters to those desiring the Gibson aesthetic on a budget while simultaneously preserving the brand distinction between Gibson and Epiphone.

Be prepared to pay a premium for this Open Book Gibson-style headstock shape on premium Epiphone models.

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2 thoughts on “Epiphone Introduces that Iconic Gibson Headstock

  1. It’s unfortunate that the Epiphone (by Gibson) is ONLY going to be offering the open book style head stock for a “premium.” I have NEVER liked the Epiphone head stock, in my opinion it reflects a cheapness the guitar doesn’t deserve, especially since they’re a decent quality guitar 🎸 (albeit made in China) offered by the flagship company Gibson. In my opinion, since there are all ready distinctions that separate Epiphone from Gibson (like truss rod covers) the Epiphone should have had the Gibson open book head stock from the beginning, it should be offered on ALL Epiphone guitars (not just select guitars) and should NOT cost a premium to obtain, since they are Gibson products (it’s like Gibson is embarrassed of the Epiphone) & the primary REASON I have ALWAYS gone for the Gibson over the Epiphone is due to the head stock looking cheap (like they left off wood to save money) even though Epiphone is almost as good in quality nowadays. I could live with the 3 screw truss rod but NOT wit with the cut off head stock that just says “CHEAP.”

  2. If I am going to spend $1500 on a guitar I’ll buy a Gibson studio or.other used Gibson, rather than a Chinese manufactured Epiphone Greeny or Slash or Kirk Hammett. Aside from the fact that artist inspired models do little for me (unless it’s a limited edition Jimmy Page or something similar) I’ve ALWAYS found the Epiphone head stock shape and 3 hole truss rod covers to be off putting (cheap looking) and while China has gotten much better at making guitars in recent years (due to Gibson & Fender training luthiers in China, which is now coming back to bite Gibson & Fender in cheap FAKES readily available on places like eBay : they get them past customs by putting an aluminum peel off logo over the Gibson & Fender logos & you can immediately spot them as you have to request head stock pictures on Ebay etc) they’re STILL not American made quality (and I own Gibson Les Paul’s & Fender Americans) and I CANNOT see pumping money in to an adversarial communist nation to fuel their military that we will likely one day fight, for a lesser guitar 🎸, when I can get an American made guitar.for the same price.. Would love to see Gibson & Fender move Epiphone and Squire OUT OF CHINA (perhaps to Mexico or Vietnam) and lower their prices AGAIN to the equivalent of what they’re TRULY worth instead of the over priced over seas guitars they REALLY are.

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