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Gibson Limited Edition Murphy Lab Aged 1959 Les Paul Standard

Gibson Murphy Lab Aged 1959
Gibson unveils Limited Edition 1959 Les Paul Standard Reissue: The Murphy Lab Aged Masterpieces are priced at nearly $20k each!

Gibson unveils Limited Edition Murphy Lab Aged 1959 Les Paul Standard with rare Brazilian Rosewood. Gibson’s Custom Shop has recently introduced a stunning new series that highlights the expertise of renowned luthier Tom Murphy.

Murphy Lab Aged 1959 Les Paul Standard

The series features a limited edition Murphy Lab aged 1959 Les Paul Standard Reissue, showcasing an exclusive collection with six unique finishes, all incorporating the coveted Brazilian rosewood fretboard.

Gibson Murphy Lab Aged 1959 Les Paul Standard .jpg

This launch is not just a display of exceptional craftsmanship but also a tribute to Murphy, a pivotal figure in Gibson’s history.

Gibson Murphy Lab Aged 1959
Gibson Murphy Lab Aged 1959

Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy, a name long associated with Gibson Custom Shop, gained prominence with the establishment of the Murphy Lab in 2018.

Murphy Burst (exclusive to Gibson)
Murphy Burst (exclusive to Gibson)

This initiative provided him with the necessary resources to refine his finish-aging techniques, elevating Gibson to the forefront of the pre-aged guitar market.

The latest series, a homage to Murphy, is based on the iconic 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard and allows Murphy to utilize his skills with rare Brazilian rosewood to create his ideal vintage-style Les Paul guitars.

Tom's Tea
Tom’s Tea

Six Finishes

The collection features six new finishes, each named in honor of Murphy: Tom’s Cherry, Tom’s Tea, Tom’s Lemon Burst, Tom’s Tri-Burst, Tom’s Dark Burst, and the exclusive Murphy Burst.

Tom’s Lemon Burst
Tom’s Lemon Burst

US Exclusive

The Murphy Burst variant is particularly special, available directly from Gibson in a limited run of just 50 instruments per finish. The limited availability is partly due to the scarcity of Brazilian rosewood, a wood under strict protection due to CITES regulations, making these guitars exclusive to the U.S. market.

Tom's Tri-Burst
Tom’s Tri-Burst

AAAA Figured Maple

The guitars boast “super lightweight” mahogany bodies, “AAAA-figured” maple tops reserved for this series, and a unique aging process on the builds.

Murphy Burst (exclusive to Gibson)
Murphy Burst (exclusive to Gibson)


They come equipped with high-end electronics, featuring Custombucker Alnico 5 humbuckers, Switchcraft jacks/switches, CTS pots, and paper-in-oil capacitors.

Adding to their exclusivity, each guitar comes with a leather-bound certificate of authenticity and is packaged in Gibson’s aged Lifton Historic hardshell case. A Bigsby-equipped variant is also available, particularly striking in the Tom’s Tri-Burst finish.

Tom's Cherry
Tom’s Cherry

For enthusiasts and collectors interested in the 1959 Les Paul Standard Reissue Limited Edition Murphy Lab Aged With Brazilian Rosewood Collection, more information can be found on Gibson’s website.

MSRP – $19,999

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