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Squier LTD Classic Vibe Bass VI Antigua – Available to preorder now!

Squier Bass VI Antigua Burst
The Squier Bass VI Antigua Burst is a new limited edition finish and available to preorder now. Along with a matching Strat, Tele Custom and P-Bass!

The Squier LTD Classic Vibe Bass VI Antigua is being listed as a preorder on several European Fender dealer sites. 

Squier LTD Classic Vibe Bass VI Antigua

Yes, you can preorder the Squier LTD Classic Vibe Bass VI Antigua and get yourself some retro-styled low-end six-string action. This is another limited-edition run that will not be around forever, so it could be worth ordering now if you want to own one of these’ 70s-style models.

Squier LTD Classic Vibe Bass VI Antigua
Squier LTD Classic Vibe Bass VI Antigua

A Classic

The Classic Vibe Bass VI is a faithful tribute to the secret weapon of producers and adventurous players who have dared to explore it since its original production from 1961 to 1975.

Tuned an octave lower than a guitar and featuring a vintage-style tremolo, the Bass VI is the perfect companion to accompany any guitar or bass player into uncharted territory. Features include a slim, comfortable “C”-shaped maple neck with an easy-playing 9.5″-radius fretboard, narrow-tall frets, and a floating bridge with barrel saddles for solid string stability.

This throwback Squier model also features 1960s-inspired headstock markings, rich-looking nickel-plated hardware and a slick vintage-tint gloss neck finish for an old-school vibe.

Squier Bass VI Antigua Burst limited edition

Fender Designed Alnico Single-Coil

It has a poplar body, and this model comes in that Antigua Burst finish. It also has a maple fretboard with black block markers. They use three Fender Designed Alnico Single-Coil pickups controlled by three On/Off Slide Switches, a Master Volume, and a Master Tone control. Plus, a two-position Slide Switch for the Bass-Cut “Strangle” Circuit.

Great guitars/basses, and you can read us How To Set Up a Squier Bass VI article to make yours play like a dream.

More Classic Vibe Antigua Models

Preorders are also available for a Squier LTD CV 70s Tele CSTM Antigua, a Squier LTD CV 70s Strat Antigua, and a Squier LTD CV 70s P-Bass Antigua.

Preorder Bass VI

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4 thoughts on “Squier LTD Classic Vibe Bass VI Antigua – Available to preorder now!

  1. You people are so F@@cling Dumb!!!
    Fancy showing a pic of a SIX (6) string regular guitar and indicating that it is a BASS guitar,
    How F@@cling Dumb are you people
    You need your Arses Kicked!!

    1. It’s tuned an octave lower than standard sooo, it’s in bass clef and is a six string therefore Bass VI. Nice job looking like a nob though.

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