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Harley Benton DIY guitar and bass kits- Five new models

Harley Benton DIY guitar and bass kits 2023
Harley Benton DIY guitar and bass kits. Discover the thrill of building your own electric guitar or bass with these affordable DIY kits.

Harley Benton DIY guitar and bass kits. Renowned for its affordable range of electric guitars and basses, now invites enthusiasts to a new realm of creativity with its DIY guitar kits.

Harley Benton DIY guitar and bass kits

Whether you’re creating a unique piece for yourself or gifting a DIY project guitar for Christmas, the journey of assembly and personalization is as rewarding as the finished product.

Harley Benton DIY guitar and bass kits

Five New Kits

Every Harley Benton kit comes equipped with all necessary hardware, ensuring your guitar is ready to play once assembled.

Harley Benton DIY guitar and bass kits

The Thomann brand’s recent addition of five new kits, including an innovative option for left-handers, marks a significant expansion in their DIY range. This launch caters to a wide array of preferences, from building an MB-style bass to a Thinline T-style guitar, and even includes popular classics like the ST and TE kits in left-handed versions.

Harley Benton DIY guitar and bass kits

Ready To Paint

The pre-treated wood in these kits simplifies the customization process, allowing for painting and decorating without the need for extensive pore filling. This feature is particularly beneficial for those eager to infuse their instrument with a unique personal style.

Harley Benton DIY guitar and bass kits

Bo Diddley?

For the exceptionally creative, the new Electric Guitar Kit Square stands out. It offers boundless opportunities for designing and carving your dream guitar shape, making it an ideal gift for any guitarist or bassist.

Harley Benton DIY guitar and bass kits

Christmas Gift

The kits’ affordability and ease of assembly make them a fantastic Christmas present option. Moreover, the potential for future upgrades and modifications adds long-term value and appeal to these DIY guitar kits.

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