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Jimmy Page Super Dragon half-stack guitar amplifier

Jimmy Page Super Dragon half-stack guitar amplifier
Jimmy Page Super Dragon half-stack guitar amp is a limited run based on his legendary Tony Franks' modified 1968 Marshall Super Bass

After a three-year break, Jimmy Page is reigniting the Sundragon brand with a new exclusive product: the Super Dragon half-stack guitar amplifier. This latest creation follows the brand’s debut at the 2019 Winter NAMM, marking a collaboration between Page, Perry Margouleff, and Mitch Colby.

Jimmy Page Super Dragon

The Sundragon journey began with the Sundragon Limited, followed by the Sundragon Standard at the Summer NAMM. Both models drew inspiration from the Supro Coronado.

An amp famously used by Page in the first Led Zeppelin album and the “Stairway to Heaven” solo. Now, Sundragon unveils its latest masterpiece, the Super Dragon, a limited-edition signature amp that closely replicates another of Page’s legendary amplifiers.

Jimmy Page Super Dragon half-stack.jpg

Led Zeppelin

Diverging from its predecessors’ Supro-based design, the Super Dragon is modeled after the modified 1968 Marshall Super Bass. Page used this amp extensively during the Led Zeppelin II era, both on stage and in the studio. Page himself refers to the Super Bass as his “Number 1 amp,” a cornerstone in all subsequent Led Zeppelin studio albums.

Tony Frank

The Super Dragon is an homage to the iconic 1968 Marshall Super Bass, renowned for its role in the 1969 tour and the recording of Led Zeppelin’s second album. Page praises the Super Bass for its ability to capture the full spectrum of rock guitar sounds, from soft to heavy, both in studio and live performances.

The amp’s transformation came from Tony Frank’s modifications in the USA, enhancing its power and dynamic range, making it Page’s go-to amp for both live shows and studio recordings.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The world recently witnessed the Super Dragon’s prowess at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, where Page performed after an eight-year hiatus. He used the Super Dragon to induct Link Wray with a performance of “Rumble.”

Jimmy Page Super Dragon half-stack.jpg

NOS GE 6550 tubes

Sundragon will produce only 50 units of the Super Dragon, each handcrafted by Mitch Colby and team with components mirroring the original, including NOS GE 6550 tubes and Phillips mustard capacitors. The half-stack also features a custom-designed speaker and cabinet, tailored to replicate the feel of Page’s original amp.

Limited Run

Production of the Super Dragons is scheduled from November 2023 to mid-2024. Potential buyers must contact Sundragon directly, as prices are not publicly listed.

For more information and updates on this exclusive amplifier, visit the Sundragon website.

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