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Manson Guitar Works MA and Verona Junior – £1399

Manson Guitar Works MA and Verona Junior
Manson Guitar Works MA and Verona Junior are all built in their Ashburton UK factory and priced at £1399 each

Manson Guitar Works, a renowned name in the guitar industry, has recently announced the launch of two new guitar models – the MA and Verona Junior. These models are notable for being the most affordable guitars manufactured in the UK by the company. 

MA and Verona Junior

The newly introduced Junior range features two distinct models: the MA, known for its familiar body shape, and the Verona, which boasts a classic style. Both models are crafted with a solid obeche body, a maple neck, and a rosewood fretboard with a 12-inch radius.

Priced at £1,399, these guitars are produced in Manson’s Ashburton workshops located in Devon, showcasing the company’s commitment to quality and affordability.

Manson Guitar Works MA and Verona Junior

Manson Dirty Rascal

They are equipped with Gotoh 510 hardware and a Manson Dirty Rascal humbucker (Alnico V, 9.5k). Additionally, these guitars come with a unique feature – a kill button and series/parallel Mojo feature integrated into the guitar’s single push/push volume control. This feature maximizes the potential of their single pickup configuration.

Manson Guitar Works MA and Verona Junior

UK Built

The MA and Verona Junior models are produced in the same Ashburton workshops as the “New Era” MB-1 guitars. They have benefited from the same extensive programming development, emphasizing production methods to create a high-spec instrument at an entry-level price.

In a move that will delight left-handed guitarists, Manson Guitar Works has made left-hand models available from release, with no additional cost. All Junior models also include a Mono gig bag as standard.

Manson Guitar Works MA and Verona Junior

Customers can choose from a range of finish options, including Open Pore Neon Green, Miami Blue, Neon Pink, Dry Satin Black, and Vivid Mustard Yellow. The guitars will be available for purchase from Manson dealers and directly from Manson Guitar Works soon.

Manson Guitar Works MA and Verona Junior

This launch marks an exciting development for guitar enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering high-spec instruments at an accessible price point, all while maintaining the quality and craftsmanship Manson Guitar Works is known for.

MSRP – £1399

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