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SOLDANO ASTRO-20: Galaxies Of Tube Tone

The Soldano ASTRO-20 is a 3-channel, 4-Galaxy, all-tube design. Created by Mike Soldano, this 20w powerhouse of tone

The SOLDANO ASTRO-20 is available as either a Head or as a Combo. It’s a Made-in-USA, 1×12” combo that brings together a genuine all-tube tone with contemporary features, perfect for today’s guitarists. Mike Soldano’s latest creation is a versatile 20w amplifier, boasting three channels, four galaxies, and built-in DSP-powered IR cabinet simulation, making it ideal for live performances, rehearsals, and studio sessions.


The SOLDANO ASTRO-20’s straightforward front panel allows users to effortlessly save and recall combinations of channels, galaxies, and IRs using the included 4-button MIDI footswitch. This amplifier simplifies preset organization and integrates your own IRs with the free Soldano Editor Software.

Soldano Astro-20 Head


At its core, the ASTRO-20 is a no-nonsense, all-tube amp powered by two 6V6 power tubes and four 12AX7 pre-amp tubes. It offers three channels: Clean, Overdrive 1, and Overdrive 2. The Clean/Green Galaxy channel is reminiscent of classic American combo amps, offering everything from crystal clean to crunchy tones.


Overdrive 1 and 2 provide independent Volume and Gain controls, along with a shared 3-band EQ. The galaxies – Blue, Purple, and Red – deliver a range of tones from bluesy cleans to high-gain leads, assignable to each overdrive channel.

Soldano Astro-20 Combo

Impulse Responses

The ASTRO-20’s IR cabinet simulation offers six onboard IR slots, each assignable to different channels and galaxies, ensuring perfect tone and speaker response in any situation. You can add and manage your IRs using the included software.

The amp’s master Presence control and 3-position Depth switch allows for fine-tuning of the tonal response, accommodating different playing styles and guitar types. The included 4-button MIDI footswitch enhances live performance flexibility, and the amp is also compatible with external MIDI switchers for up to 128 user-created presets.

Loaded with a legendary Celestion G12M Greenback speaker, the ASTRO-20 Combo offers a broad mid-range attack and controlled low-end, perfect for exploring the tonal nuances of each galaxy.


Soldano Editor Software

The Soldano Editor Software, compatible with Windows 7 64-bit or higher and Apple MacOS 10.15 or higher, rounds out this impressive package.

As Mike Soldano himself says, “If it doesn’t sound good, all the features in the world won’t make a difference”. The ASTRO-20 ensures it sounds fantastic in any setting.

Guitar Bomb Verdict

The Soldano ASTRO-20 offers an authentic tube tone paired with digital control flexibility, making it a top choice for modern guitarists. This amp range is a professional specification and has a huge range of benefits for modern guitar players.


Both versions are available for Pre-Order at Thomann using these links ASTRO-20 Head and ASTRO-20 Combo.

Andertons is also selling the ASTRO-20 Head and ASTRO-20 Combo. Though, they already have the Combo version in stock!

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