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Graph Tech Un-Lock Nut – Sub-$30 solution for Electric Guitars

Locking nuts have always been a necessary evil for guitarists with a locking tremolo system. Graph Tech's Un-Lock Nut could be the solution.

Are you tired of grappling with locking nuts and facing tremolo troubles? The solution might be simpler than you think. Graph Tech has just unveiled the Un-Lock Nut, a revolutionary electric guitar nut that promises to redefine guitar tuning.

Un-Lock Nut

In an industry where innovation is key, Graph Tech has taken a giant leap forward with the Un-Lock Nut. This groundbreaking invention aims to eliminate the hassles of traditional locking nuts and Allen keys, offering a more straightforward and intuitive alternative.

Graph Tech Un-Lock Nut


The Un-Lock Nut may look like an ordinary TUSQ XL nut at first glance, but it boasts a slightly expanded face and uniquely designed fanned string slots. Specifically optimized for Floyd Rose-style bridges and locking tuners, this innovation promises to make guitar tuning a seamless experience.

What sets the Un-Lock Nut apart is its user-friendly installation process. Tremolo loyalists will be pleased to know that no significant guitar modifications are required. A simple application of white wood glue and some filing to size is all it takes. Tuning becomes as easy as turning the machine heads—no unlocking or loosening is necessary.

Floyd Rose

Key features of the Un-Lock Nut include an advanced slot design that accommodates the nuances of Floyd Rose-style systems, ensuring precision and stability. The precise radius matching capability allows the nut to be tailored to the specific radius of your guitar.

Graph Tech Un-Lock Nut
Graph Tech Un-Lock Nut

Enhanced String Stress Distribution

Graph Tech emphasizes the customizable string heights for each string and an Enhanced String Stress Distribution design, delivered through extended string ramps. This design ensures a friction-free glide without compromising the integrity of the nut slot.

“Locking nuts have always been a necessary evil for guitarists with a locking tremolo system. Love them or hate them, they’re essential—until now,” states Graph Tech. “Embrace the future of guitar tuning and performance with Graph Tech’s Un-Lock Nut—a game changer in the realm of tremolo systems.”

Despite the buzz surrounding this humble piece of TUSQ, the Un-Lock Nut is an affordable solution, priced at only $29.95. If it lives up to Graph Tech’s claims, it could be a game-changer for Floyd Rose enthusiasts and those frustrated with traditional locking nuts.

The Un-Lock Nut is currently available in FR Original #2 and FR Original #3/4 sizes, with 12″ and 16″ options on the way. Embrace the future of guitar tuning with the Un-Lock Nut—a practical and budget-friendly solution to your tremolo troubles.

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