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RJM Music Full English Pedal: British Tone and Analog Innovation

RJM Music Full English
The RJM Music Full English offers six analog overdrives. Combining six classic well-known British drive tones into one pedal

RJM Music, renowned for its innovative musical gear, recently launched the Full English, a fully programmable overdrive and distortion pedal. This device stands out with its 100% analog signal path, drawing inspiration from classic British pedal designs. It’s a noteworthy sequel to the company’s 2021 Overture pedal.

RJM Music Full English

The Full English is designed to capture the essence of British-inspired tones, using the same advanced programmable analog technology seen in the Overture. It offers a diverse range of sounds, from transparent low to medium overdrive to the robust “amp in a box” grind.

RJM Music Full English
RJM Music Full English


Essentially, this new overdrive pedal combines all those well-loved Marshall overdrive pedals from the 1990s. Those pedals were reissued earlier this year, by the reinvigorated UK-based amp company, that is now owned by Zound Industries, the Swedish company that’s previously licensed the Marshall brand for its headphones and speakers.

RJM Music Full English


Six modes are available, ranging from clean boost to overdrive to high gain distortion. You can use these modes to create up to 8 presets and recall them with the press of a button. Though, via MIDI users can recall up to 100 presets. The circuit also features a powerful 3-band active post-EQ for shaping the tones and allowing users to sculpt them to taste.

Six Modes

  • Push – This mode is a clean boost that’s designed to push the front end of an amp. It has a high maximum output level.
  • Blues – Inspired by a British low to medium gain pedal from the ’90s that’s gained in popularity over the years.
  • Royal – Based on a very popular boutique modification of the “Blues” pedal above, it has a slightly different frequency response and overdrive characteristic.
  • Imperial – A higher gain version of Royal, using hard clipping instead of soft clipping.
  • Shred – A high gain, compressed distortion mode designed for soloing. Great for 80’s shred and beyond!
  • Stack – A big-sounding distortion mode, more open and dynamic than Shred, designed to sound like a high-gain amp.

Key Features of the Full English include:

– A purely analog signal path for authentic sound quality.
Six versatile overdrive modes, ranging from a clean boost to high-gain distortion.
– Standard controls for gain, tone, and volume, complemented by a 3-band active post-EQ for precise sound shaping.
Eight on-board presets, fully programmable for personalized sound experiences.
MIDI compatibility, enhancing its versatility in a digital setup.
– Expression pedal support when used with a MIDI controller, alongside access to 100 additional presets.
USB-C connectivity for modern integration.
– A dedicated editor app, available for Windows, Mac, and iPad users.
– Made in the USA.


RJM Music Full English

Black or Blue

The pedal is available in either a black or a blue finish and has an easy-to-navigate front panel with controls for Gain, Tone, Volume, Bass, Mid, and Treble all at hand. Users can also clearly see the six modes available on the front panel.

RJM Music Full English rear panel

Price and Availability

Priced at $349.00 (US), the Full English is available at select retailers. It can also be directly purchased from the RJM Music store, with the added benefit of free shipping for US customers.

For detailed information and to explore this innovative pedal, visit RJM Music’s website. The Full English is a testament to RJM Music’s commitment to blending classic tones with modern technology.

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