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KEMPER PROFILER Player: The Ultimate Compact Pedal Powerhouse

The new KEMPER PROFILER Player, available now, packs professional amp tones and studio-grade effects into a compact format.

Experience the full power of KEMPER PROFILER in a pedal-sized package! The new KEMPER PROFILER Player, available now, packs professional amp tones and studio-grade effects into a compact, pedalboard-friendly size.

What’s New with the KEMPER PROFILER Player?

The Player’s signal chain comprises 4 effect blocks in addition to the amplifier stack. Up to two effects can be placed “pre” the amp stack, and another two “post” the amp. The post-amp modules of the effect chain are ideal for delay and reverb effects. Both delay and reverb offer “spillover” at any time, meaning the sonic tail is not cut off when changing to another Rig.

The Profiler Player features three freely assignable footswitches and the essential control knobs and buttons. The comfortable on-board LED system provides detailed visual feedback on the current device status at all times. For digging deeper into every aspect of the FX, enter Rig Manager, the only guitar amp control and editing solution that is available for all relevant platforms.

Kemper Profiler Player

– Space-Efficient Design: Fits easily on your pedalboard, transforming it into a high-grade touring rig.
– Powerful Profiling Technology: Offers the same amp tones as its larger counterparts, compatible with a vast library of amp profiles.
Versatile Effects: Choose from 136 FX settings out of the 444 available in the KEMPER arsenal.
Seamless Connectivity: Works with KEMPER Power Cabinets for a full combo amp experience. Also features Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB connectivity.
– Easy Editing and Control: Compatible with the Rig Manager app, available for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows devices.


Top Features at a Glance:

– High Compatibility: Works with all KEMPER PROFILER Amp Rigs.
– Durable Build: Robust metal housing designed for the road.
– Intuitive Control: Three footswitches and essential knobs for easy operation.
– Advanced Connectivity: Includes USB, MIDI, and multiple output options.
– Convenient Editing: Compatible with various platforms via the Rig Manager app.

Kemper Profiler Player

Perfect for Various Musicians:

– Modern Guitarists: Ideal for those seeking authentic amp tones and performance switching in a compact form.
– Metal Guitarists: Delivers the tightness and punch needed for extended-range guitars.
– Vintage Amp Enthusiasts: Access a range of classic amp tones and enjoy the best digital spring reverb.
– Bass Players: Benefit from dedicated outputs and unparalleled compression.
– Acoustic Guitarists: Tailor your sound with dedicated acoustic profiles and studio-grade reverbs.
– Keyboard Players: A versatile multi-effects processor with exceptional rotary speaker emulation.

Kemper PROFILER Player rear

The KEMPER Legacy

Kemper has revolutionized guitar tone with its Profiling technology, offering unparalleled accuracy and convenience. The PROFILER family, including the Head, Rack, and Stage models, is a top choice for guitarists worldwide. With continuous updates and the introduction of Liquid Profile Technology, KEMPER keeps setting new standards in sound quality and ease of use.

Pricing and Availability

The KEMPER PROFILER Player is priced at Euro/USD 698 and can be purchased from the KEMPER Online Store or selected dealers worldwide.

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