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Mr Black Deuce Coupe Overdrive Pedal with up to +56dB Gain

Mr Black Deuce Coupe Overdrive Pedal with up to +56dB Gain
The Mr Black Deuce Coupe Overdrive Pedal is back with enhanced features and up to +56dB Gain available for a huge boost

The Mr Black Deuce Coupe Overdrive Pedal is back with enhanced features and up to +56dB Gain. Mr Black has reintroduced the legendary Deuce Coupe overdrive pedal, a revered classic from the era of Jack Deville Electronics. Rebranded as the Deuce Coupe MKII, this much-anticipated release comes 12 years after its original debut and boasts several cutting-edge enhancements that are sure to excite both long-time fans and new users alike.

Deuce Coupe

The Deuce Coupe MKII emerges as a standout overdrive in the world of guitar effects pedals, offering an exceptional blend of dynamism and responsiveness. This overdrive pedal is lauded for its ability to seamlessly integrate with both the electric guitar and amplifier, enhancing their partnership. Its transparent, touch-sensitive design ensures that the Deuce Coupe MKII enhances the natural sound of the guitar, while also providing ample room for creative expression.

Mr Black Deuce Coupe Overdrive Pedal with up to +56dB Gain

Dynamic Overdrive

What sets the Deuce Coupe MKII apart is its design philosophy, which focuses on versatility and ease of use. According to Mr Black, this pedal features “one of the most responsive and dynamic overdrive circuits ever created,” making it a valuable addition to any guitarist’s arsenal. Furthermore, its placement flexibility within the signal chain makes it a universally appealing choice for a variety of setups.


The 2023 iteration of the Deuce Coupe introduces innovative features, including Click-Less true-bypass switching, and the much-anticipated Ultra Boost. This new addition boasts an independent control dial and footswitch, activated only when the Drive footswitch is engaged. This feature offers a pure clean boost, significantly amplifying the overall gain—up to a staggering 56dB—when required.

Mr Black Deuce Coupe Overdrive Pedal

Ultra Boost

Simplicity is key in the design of the Deuce Coupe MKII, with intuitive controls for Gain, Tone, and Volume. The Ultra Boost function is conveniently located for easy access, allowing guitarists to effortlessly push their sound beyond the ordinary.

The pedal’s unique selling point, however, is its touch sensitivity. This feature ensures that the pedal responds fluidly to the guitarist’s playing style and dynamics, including variations in pick attack and volume adjustments on the guitar.

Key Specifications

  • Incredibly dynamic natural and organic overdrive
  • 100% pure-analog, high-headroom signal path
  • Abundant boost on-demand:
    • Drive channel: +1db – +40.8dB
    • Ultra channel: +1.8dB – +56.5dB
  • Internal split-rail power supply for incredible dynamic content and detail
    (+/- 9V internal split-rail operation)
  • Soft-touch footswitches with Click-Less relay true-bypass

Powered by a “specially designed” internal split-rail power supply, the Deuce Coupe MKII is user-friendly and compatible with standard 9V pedalboard power supplies or batteries.

MSRP – $199

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