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Spurr Audio Sonic Explorers Pedals: A Journey into Space-Age Sound

Spurr Audio Sonic Explorers Pedals
Spurr Audio has launched an exciting line of space age themed pedals, the F-201 FET Preamp and Orbit-2 Fuzz

Spurr Audio has recently launched an exciting line of pedals, the F-201 FET Preamp and Orbit-2 Fuzz, both inspired by the thrilling era of space exploration. These innovative devices promise to take musicians on an unprecedented sonic adventure.

F-201 FET Preamp: Warmth Meets Space-Age Design

The F-201 FET Preamp is a unique blend of the warm, rich sounds typically associated with tube technology and the powerful, crisp tones of the FET J-201. Designed for ease of use, it features a single output knob, welcoming musicians of all skill levels to explore its capabilities.

F-201 FET Preamp


The pedal’s space-themed design, complete with a miniature globe, adds an extra layer of cosmic charm to its aesthetic. Currently, the F-201 is available at a special pre-order price of $119. To stay updated on this limited-time offer, follow Spurr Audio on their social media channels.

Spurr Audio Sonic Explorers Pedals
Spurr Audio Sonic Explorers Pedals

Orbit-2 Fuzz: Elevating the Fuzz Experience

Following the success of its predecessor, the Orbit-1, the Orbit-2 Fuzz steps up as the next big thing in space-themed guitar pedals. Its design includes a small screen, reminiscent of vintage spacecraft computers, and the iconic miniature globe.

Spurr Audio Orbit-2 Fuzz

The Orbit-2 is an op-amp powered pedal, offering musicians three key fuzz controls: Fuel (volume), Pressure (tone), and Launch (gain). This pedal is also available for pre-order at a discounted price of $179.

Víctor’s Vision: Blending Retro and Future

Víctor, the brain behind Spurr Audio, has always envisioned creating products that merge retro-futuristic aesthetics with playful functionality. He draws parallels between the effects of the pedals and aspects of space rockets, infusing fun and imagination into his designs.

They remind us of something from the Space 1999 TV Show and we could easily see them being used onboard an Eagle.

Exploring New Sonic Frontiers

These pedals are not just about unique sounds; they embody the spirit of space-age exploration and innovation.

Whether it’s the warm, vintage feel of the F-201 or the bold, experimental fuzz of the Orbit-2, musicians are invited to discover new realms of sound. The F-201 FET Preamp is currently available at $119, and the Orbit-2 Fuzz at a pre-order price of $179.

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