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MXR Joshua Ambient Echo Pedal: Could it give you The Edge?

MXR Joshua Ambient Echo
MXR Joshua Ambient Echo Pedal pedal is inspired by vintage rack-style units similar to those The Edge might have used

MXR has kicked off the new year with an exciting release – the Joshua Ambient Echo. This latest addition to their pedal lineup is designed to offer musicians a wide range of echo and modulation effects, packed into a compact and user-friendly stompbox.

Joshua Ambient Echo

The MXR Joshua Ambient Echo stands out for its ability to generate an impressive array of echo tones. Whether you’re aiming for psychedelic effects or an ethereal ambient rock vibe, this pedal has got you covered. Its creators have described it as more than just a delay pedal; it’s an expertly crafted tool for achieving atmospheric perfection.

Ideally, MXR could have released it on New Year’s Day… However, NAMM 2024 looks to be the actual release schedule for this new pedal.

MXR Joshua Ambient Echo
MXR Joshua Ambient Echo


One intriguing aspect of the Joshua Ambient Echo is its potential connection to U2’s iconic album, “The Joshua Tree,” particularly the distinctive delay tones used by the band’s guitarist, The Edge. MXR acknowledges that this pedal is inspired by vintage rack-style units similar to those The Edge might have used, adding a touch of rock history to its appeal.


The pedal offers a robust set of controls, including knobs for Delay, Modulation, Voice, Regeneration, Division, and Mix, as well as Echo 2 and Trail buttons. These features allow users to precisely tailor the tempo, intensity, and character of the delays. The Division control offers five distinct delay patterns, and the Delay knob adjusts the timing of echoes from 50ms to 1000ms. The Voice control blends in polyphonic octave signals for additional tonal variety.

MXR Joshua Ambient Echo

Controls at a glance

  • ECHO 2 button adds secondary repeats at ¼ note tempo (indicated by blue LED)
  • TRAILS button toggles effect Trails mode on/off (red LED indicates on)
  • DELAY knob adjusts the length between repeats
  • MOD knob adjusts the intensity of the modulation
  • VOICE knob adjusts the mix of -1, +1, and +2 octave signal blend
  • REGEN knob sets the number of repeats
  • DIVISION knob selects the tempo of primary repeats
  • MIX knob adjusts the overall volume of effect signal
  • CTR jack allows an expression pedal to control settings or tap switch to set tempo around tempo selected by the DIVISION knob
  • FOOTSWITCH toggles effect on/bypass (blue LED indicates on) and engages Tap mode

Joshua Ambient Echo.jpg


Additionally, the Joshua Ambient Echo is not just about sound. It also boasts stereo functionality and expression pedal compatibility, allowing for even greater creative flexibility. The pedal’s customizable parameters and off-board tap capability further enhance its versatility.

MXR Joshua Ambient Echo side


Priced at $240, the MXR Joshua Ambient Echo is now available for musicians seeking to explore new sonic territories and achieve celestial-sounding effects. This new delay pedal is poised to become a must-have for guitarists and other instrumentalists looking to expand their sonic palette. Or anyone who is heavily influenced by The Edge.

Available for pre-order at Andertons and Thomann

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