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MXR Randy Rhoads Signature Distortion+ Pedal is coming

MXR Randy Rhoads Signature Distortion+. Kathy Rhoads, Randy's sister, recently took to Instagram to offer the first glimpse of this much-anticipated pedal.

Guitar enthusiasts and fans of the late Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Randy Rhoads are eagerly awaiting the release of the MXR Distortion+ pedal, a signature model dedicated to the legendary musician. While the launch has been postponed to mid-spring, missing its debut at NAMM 2024, the anticipation is only growing.

Randy Rhoads Signature Distortion+

Kathy Rhoads, Randy’s sister, recently took to Instagram to offer the first glimpse of this much-anticipated pedal. She has played a pivotal role in its development, working closely with Jimi Dunlop to design and refine every aspect of it.

Polka Dot

The pedal proudly features the iconic black and white polka dot design, a hallmark of Rhoads’ style, adorning both the pedal enclosure and its box. Additionally, Randy Rhoads’ signature is elegantly displayed on the pedal itself, adding a personal touch that fans are sure to appreciate.

Anticipation Builds for MXR's Randy Rhoads Signature Distortion+ Pedal
Anticipation Builds for MXR’s Randy Rhoads Signature Distortion+ Pedal


The project’s genesis dates back to 2022 when it was first revealed that Kathy Rhoads and MXR had been collaborating on this special pedal. The development process included a meticulous examination of Randy’s famed “chip pan” pedalboard, untouched for over four decades. This in-depth analysis has been instrumental in capturing the essence of Rhoads’ sound and legacy.

In her Instagram post, Kathy expressed both pride in the final product and disappointment at the delay in its release. She reassured fans, “It will be worth the wait.” Jim Dunlop, in a statement included in the post, cited “unforeseen circumstances” for the delay but emphasized the company’s commitment to perfecting the pedal.

MXR Distortion+

The MXR Distortion+ pedal is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a tribute to Randy Rhoads’ influential career and enduring legacy in the music world. As the pedalboard that inspired it returns to a secure location following a detailed examination, fans can only speculate about the nuances and secrets it holds.

Anticipation Builds for MXR's Randy Rhoads Signature Distortion+ Pedal

Phil Demmel

Former Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel, a self-proclaimed Randy Rhoads enthusiast, hinted at his involvement in the pedal’s creation through a comment on Kathy’s post. While details of his contribution remain under wraps, his involvement adds another layer of authenticity and reverence to the project.

As the guitar community awaits the pedal’s release, the story behind its creation and the meticulous care taken in its development only heighten the anticipation. This signature MXR Distortion+ pedal is not just a tool for musicians; it’s a piece of musical history, encapsulating the spirit and sound of one of rock’s most iconic guitarists.

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