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Unleash Classic Echoes with the NA 501 Chorus Echo Plugin by Nembrini Audio

NA 501 Chorus Echo Plugin
Nembrini Audio NA 501 Chorus Echo, a state-of-the-art plugin engineered to resurrect the legendary Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo's hallmark sound.

Welcome to the world of impeccable sound where the past and present collide beautifully. Introducing the NA 501 Chorus Echo, a state-of-the-art plugin by Nembrini Audio, engineered to resurrect the legendary Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo’s hallmark sound. This modern digital marvel offers a seamless blend of nostalgic analog warmth and contemporary functionality, catering to today’s diverse music production needs.

NA 501 Chorus Echo Plugin

Nembrini Audio has just released their new NA 501 Chorus Echo plugin which is based on the classic RE-501 analog rack unit from Roland. They have done an amazing job of recreating the various sections of this much-loved vintage effects unit.

NA 501 Chorus Echo Plugin


I was up and running on my M1 Mac mini system running Logic Pro within minutes, and the simple user interface is a breeze to work with. The plugin loads up within any compatible host DAW (see below for system requirements) and uses little CPU processing.

The results are very authentic and the plugin has a lovely warm, analog tone to it which is exactly what I was hoping for. Thankfully, this modern recreation also includes lots of modern enhancements which allow producers and musicians to easily integrate it into a studio setup.

I’ve broken down the key elements of the NA 501 plugin window and the core function of the controls below, in more detail. However, it doesn’t require any manual reading to get great results. The included presets are a good starting point, and offer some well-known settings. I spent a good while playing my Precision Bass through many of these, though it also worked beautifully with my Telecaster.

The effects also will add some nice gooey, analog modulation and echo to your keys, drums, and vocals, which makes it a nice versatile effect to have in your collection. It will do dub and more out-there echoes when pushed hard, plus it emulates that wow and flutter of the original machine’s tape delay.

Key Features and Benefits

1. Authentic Sound Reproduction: Experience the rich, analog textures reminiscent of the Roland RE-501. The NA 501’s digital modeling is meticulously calibrated to replicate the classic tape echo, BBD chorus, and spring reverb sounds with stunning accuracy.

2. Extended Creative Control: Beyond basic emulation, this plugin provides advanced features such as DAW tempo sync, expanded chorus, and delay parameters. Its independent SOS timings and a linear preamp option propel your creative possibilities to new heights.

Deep Dive into Controls:

1. LEVEL Meter: Monitor your input signal level with precision, ensuring optimal headroom and signal integrity in the digital domain.
2. LINK: Effortlessly link control settings between Sound On Sound channels for cohesive stereo processing.
3. DIRECT: Retain the original sound’s purity with the direct signal path feature.
4. SYNC: Align the delay time with your DAW’s tempo for perfectly timed effects.
5. CHORUS: Add a lush, modulating texture to your sound with the chorus effect.
6. ECHO: Implement classic delay-based repetitions with the echo effect.
7. SOS (Sound On Sound): Create layered, overlapping playback for intricate soundscapes.

NA 501 Chorus Echo Plugin

Advanced Features:

– PREAMP Options: Choose between a linear response for clarity or engage the non-linear preamp for characteristic warmth.
– CHORUS Adjustments: Fine-tune the chorus intensity and expand its stereo width for a fuller sound.
– ECHO SOS: Experiment with different echo patterns, control output volume, and adjust the delay time for varied textures.
– REVERB: Adjust the spring reverb level to add depth to your tracks.
– TONE Control: Tailor the bass and treble frequencies to achieve the perfect balance in your effect output.

System Requirements:

– Compatibility with VST2, VST3, AAX, or AudioUnits hosts.
– Runs on Intel-compatible or Apple Silicon CPUs, requiring a minimum of 1GB RAM.
– Compatible with Mac OS 10.9 or newer, Windows 7 or newer, and 64-bit DAWs.
– Requires a free iLok License Manager and an iLok account.

Guitar Bomb Verdict

The NA 501 Chorus Echo by Nembrini Audio is not just a plugin; it’s a gateway to some fun sonic exploration, blending legendary analog warmth with cutting-edge digital enhancements. It’s potentially an essential tool for music producers and musicians seeking to infuse their tracks with the timeless character of classic tape echo and chorus effects, wrapped in a user-friendly and versatile package.

Introductory Pricing

The current Introductory Pricing is $29.99, which is a bargain for this suite of effects. Once the promotion has finished it will go up to the standard pricing of $99. Therefore, now would be a great time to pick this plugin up, as it has a lot to offer.

NA 501 Chorus Echo Plugin for iOS.jpg


Nembrini Audio also makes this plugin available for iOS which you can download from here this is currently 50% off the price and is available for $7.99 whilst the promotion is running. Under iOS it runs as a standalone app, AudioUnit v3 effect, or Inter-App Audio effect.

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