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NAMM 2024: Laney BCC Ironheart Tube Amps and Digital Plugin

Laney BCC Ironheart
Laney BCC Ironheart amp series launched along with a new Digital Ironheart plugin developed in collaboration with Aurora DSP

 Laney unveiled its new BCC Ironheart tube amps, accompanied by an innovative digital plugin. This launch signifies a pivotal moment in the industry, blending the realms of physical and digital guitar gear.

Laney BCC Ironheart

Laney has introduced three new models in its BCC Ironheart series, effectively succeeding and enhancing its predecessor, the IRT Ironheart line. This refreshed lineup features a BCC-IRT30-112  30-watt 1×12 combo, a BCC-IRT60H 60-watt head, and a BCC-IRT120H 120-watt head, all meticulously crafted in the Black Country Customs (BCC) workshop in the UK.

Improved Boost

The revamped amps boast an improved boost circuit, delivering high-gain performance without compromising clarity, especially in the lower frequencies. Additionally, the amps offer advanced connectivity options, including a speaker-emulated line out with an adjustable cabinet simulator, an FX loop, and multiple speaker outputs.

Laney BCC Ironheart

Aurora DSP Plugin Collaboration

However, the highlight of this release is the introduction of a matching Digital Ironheart plugin, developed in collaboration with Aurora DSP. This innovative concept, a first in the industry, seamlessly merges a physical amp with its digital counterpart, offering musicians unprecedented flexibility and tonal variety.

Laney BCC Ironheart plugin

Digital Ironheart plugin

Simon Fraser-Clark, Laney’s Product Manager, expressed excitement about the launch. “The Ironheart plugin represents a significant leap in our journey of innovation,” he stated. “By offering our acclaimed Ironheart sound in a digital format, we are addressing the evolving needs of modern musicians, blending the best of British analog and digital technologies.”



Unlike larger companies that develop software in-house, Laney has strategically partnered with Aurora DSP to create this unique digital amp. The Ironheart plugin can function as a standalone digital amp or be integrated into a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). It features Laney IRs, various microphone options, and models of Laney’s Black Country Customs pedals like the Steelpark and Monolith. Additionally, it’s free with any physical amp purchase and available for separate purchase.

Laney BCC Ironheart combo

Iommi Inspiration

The Ironheart amps, inspired by Laney’s work on Tony Iommi’s signature TI100 amp, offer three channels (clean, rhythm, and lead) and are known for their versatility and aggressive sound. They employ EC883 (12AX7) tubes in the preamp and 6L6 power tubes, a combination synonymous with rich overdrive and a defined low-end response.

The new BCC Ironheart amps are priced at $1,299 for the 30-watt combo, $1,499 for the 60-watt head, and $1,799 for the 120-watt head. For more information, visit Laney’s website.

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