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Laney and Devin Townsend Unveil LFR-412 – 2,600 watts 4×12 FRFR Cabinet

Laney and Devin Townsend Unveil Revolutionary LFR-412: A Powerhouse in the World of FRFR Cabinets at 2600 watts

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Laney and the renowned musician Devin Townsend have introduced the LFR-412, marking a monumental moment as the world’s first 4×12 FRFR (Full-Range, Flat Response) cabinet. This powerhouse of sound technology doesn’t just get loud – it redefines loudness.

Laney LFR-412 & Devin Townsend

FRFR speakers are engineered for versatility, able to handle a wide range of tones and frequencies with exceptional accuracy. Their neutral output is ideal for replicating a signature sound chain, making them the perfect match for popular modeling amps like the Quad Cortex and the Fractal Axe-Fx. This versatility is why Devin Townsend, a maestro known for his dynamic musical range and live performances with Kemper and Axe-Fx units, became an integral part of this project.

Laney and Devin Townsend Unveil Revolutionary LFR-412 - 2,600 watts FRFR Cabinet

LA⋅IR Advance Impulse Response

The Laney LFR-412 is a marvel of engineering, featuring Laney’s innovative LA⋅IR Advance Impulse Response technology. This technology uses 56-bit FIR filters to achieve unparalleled clarity in cabinet emulation. The design also includes a collaboration with HH Acoustics to create the HH Black Series 12” woofers and LaVoce compression driver, ensuring an ultra-low-noise output, even at high volumes.

Devin Townsend’s close collaboration with Laney’s UK design team was key to the development of the LFR-412. His involvement in the project is a testament to its quality, with Townsend himself stating, “I truly believe it’s a game changer.”

Impulse Responses

Laney isn’t just stopping at groundbreaking hardware. They are also offering a suite of IRs (Impulse Responses) created by their artists, accessible through a free sidekick app for detailed tone customization.

LFR-412 rear panel


Taking customization a step further, the LFR-412 features USB connectivity, allowing users to load their preferred IRs directly into the cabinet. This unique feature frees up processing power in digital rigs, enabling users to add more effects to their signal chain with greater creative freedom.

Laney LFR-412

2,600 watts

For decades, the 4×12 cabinet has been a staple for amp-head users. The LFR-412 revolutionizes this tradition by packing unprecedented power into an FRFR format. With an output of 2,600 watts and a sound pressure level (SPL) of 139dB, the LFR-412 nearly matches the intensity of a jet plane during takeoff – falling short by just 1 dB.

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