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Klon Centaur Pedal Auction for Charity in 2024 announced by Bill Finnegan

Bill Finnegan Klon Centaur 2024
Klon Centaur Pedal Auction. Bill Finnegan, creator of the legendary Klon Centaur, has announced the one-time sale of a freshly made, silver-finish Centaur unit.

Renowned for its elusive status in the music industry, the Klon Centaur pedal by Bill Finnegan is making a triumphant comeback. In a remarkable turn of events, Finnegan has announced the one-time sale of a newly crafted silver-finish Centaur unit, set to benefit a long-time friend in need. This announcement marks a significant moment for both music enthusiasts and collectors, given the pedal’s discontinuation in 2008 and its subsequent cult status.

Bill Finnegan Announces Exclusive Klon Centaur Pedal Auction

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Finnegan revealed, “Sometime in the next few days, a new silver-finish Centaur unit — the first one in a long time — will be listed on eBay as an auction item.” Emphasizing the authenticity and craftsmanship, he added, “It will have been hand-built and fully tested by me as every other genuine Klon Centaur unit has been since 1994.”

Bill Finnegan Klon Centaur 2024
Bill Finnegan Klon Centaur 2024

eBay Auction

This exclusive pedal isn’t just a collector’s item; it’s a gesture of generosity. Finnegan stated, “The unit will be listed by a long-time friend of mine, to whom I am giving it… Over the years, she has occasionally needed a bit of financial help, which I feel very fortunate to have been able to provide.” He assures potential bidders that all proceeds, post eBay and PayPal fees, will directly benefit his friend, whose eBay seller ID is ‘boxing_rabbit.’

Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive

Fake Klon Centaurs

Finnegan’s Klon Centaur, a legend in its own right, ceased production over a decade ago, leaving only 8,000 units in existence. These pedals are highly coveted, often fetching high prices on resale platforms like eBay. The rarity and demand have unfortunately led to the creation of counterfeit models. In his vigilance to protect buyers, Finnegan shared a tip in August 2023 to identify fakes, focusing on specific details like the diecast enclosure and the battery compartment.

Fake Klon Centaur
Fake Klon Centaur

Rare Opportunity

This charitable initiative by Bill Finnegan not only presents a rare opportunity for enthusiasts to own a genuine Klon Centaur Overdrive Special but also demonstrates a profound act of friendship and kindness.

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