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NAMM 2024: Mooer Harmony X2 and Tender Octaver X2

NAMM 2024- Mooer Harmony X2 and Tender Octaver X2
Mooer Audio expands the X2 Series with all new Harmony X2 and Tender Octaver X2 pedals ahead of NAMM 2024.

Mooer Audio makes waves in the music industry with the release of their Harmony X2 and Tender Octaver X2 pedals, showcasing their expertise in usability and interface design. Ahead of NAMM 2024, these pedals are set to revolutionize the effects pedal market.

Mooer Harmony X2

The Harmony X2 is engineered for both studio and live performances, offering a harmonically rich and versatile experience. Its unique feature is the ability to switch between major and minor modes across all 12 pitches, offering an array of harmony choices like thirds, fifths, sevenths, and octaves.

This pedal stands out with its independent stereo harmony controls, allowing users to set different harmonic intervals for each output. The Harmony X2 is also equipped with a dry control to adjust harmony intensity and a preset bank for saving custom settings. Its dual footswitches and LED indicators make operation seamless, even in low-light conditions

Tender Octaver X2: Elevating Octave Effects

Following the success of its Pure and Purer models, Mooer introduces the Tender Octaver X2, a pedal dedicated to octave shifts. This pedal enriches guitar sounds with both lower and higher octave frequencies. Users can fine-tune the volume and tonal color of these octaves for a customized sound. The Tender Octaver X2 also features independent footswitches for each effect, LED indicators, and a preset bank with up to 14 slots.

Pairing Options and Versatility

Mooer encourages users to combine the Tender Octaver X2 with its earlier models for a wide range of pitch-shift combinations. This versatility caters to guitarists of all styles and experience levels. The pedals offer subtle to intense octave effects, with adjustable volume and direct controls for each register.

NAMM 2024- Mooer Harmony X2 and Tender Octaver X2
NAMM 2024- Mooer Harmony X2 and Tender Octaver X2

Power Supply and Series Expansion

Both pedals are powered by a standard 9V plug and include a power supply. They join Mooer’s X2 Series, which already boasts, a preamp, reverb and delay pedals, cab-switching pedals, a looper, and a drum machine.

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