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Ground Control UwU Virtual Pet Buffer – With OLED virtual pet

The Ground Control UwU Virtual Pet Buffer has an OLED screen to display a 90s Tamagotc-style virtual pet, plus an op-amp buffer

Ground Control introduces the groundbreaking UwU Virtual Pet Buffer, ingeniously combining the charm of ’90s Tamagotchi with the functionality of a high-quality buffer pedal. Preorders are now open for this unique pedal, set to be delivered in March 2024.

Embrace the Retro Vibe: Tamagotchi Meets Modern Music Tech

Reminiscent of a classic 1990s toy, the UwU Virtual Pet Buffer isn’t just for show. It’s packed with engaging games like Neko Invader, Fishy Blox, and Longcat, taking you down memory lane while enhancing your music setup.

High-Quality Buffer Pedal: Engineered for Optimum Signal Integrity

Ground Control ensures musicians get the best sound quality with the UwU’s robust opamp-based buffer, boasting 18V of headroom. It’s tailored for musicians with long signal chains or lengthy cables, featuring a high input impedance of 1MΩ and a low output impedance of 25Ω.


Interactive Virtual Pet: Engaging and Responsive to Your Music

The UwU’s unique feature is its virtual pet, designed to interact with your playing in real time. It’s a fun, interactive twist that rewards skillful playing with experience points and delightful pixel art animations.

Innovative Display and Battery Life: Ensuring Continuous Fun

The pedal uses a monochrome OLED screen for clear, crisp visuals of your virtual companion, sustained by a button cell battery to keep it active between sessions.


Power Supply Requirements: Essential for Optimal Functioning

A center-negative 9VDC power supply is required for the UwU Virtual Pet Buffer. Ground Control emphasizes using the correct power supply to prevent damage to both the pedal and the virtual pet.

Preorder Now

The UwU Virtual Pet Buffer, priced at $139, is an exciting addition to any musician’s collection. We invite our community to share their experiences with this innovative pedal – from its buffering capabilities to the adventures with their virtual pet.

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