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PRS Wing Button Tuners – Has Paul Reed Smith lost the plot?

PRS Wing Button Tuners
The new 2024 PRS Wing Button Tuners are going to give you a better tone. Or could Paul Reed Smith be pulling our legs?

Paul Reed Smith has just released a video online waxing lyrical about his new PRS Wing Button Tuners. It all sounds like marketing hype, but then PRS is a marketing genius.

PRS Wing Button Tuners

“One of my sayings is that everything that touches the string is God. Well, that’s really the bridge, the nut, and the tuners. So those are some of the key places we look to push the guitar forward.” – Paul Reed Smith

Marketing Hype?

Below is the text taken directly from the PRS and it all sounds a lot like nonsense.

PRS Wing Button Tuners
PRS Wing Button Tuners

“These new buttons help to open up the vowel sound of the guitar. By having less weight on the headstock, the whole guitar sounds more musical. As one of the few parts of a guitar to physically touch the guitar string, the tuners can either enhance or dampen the frequency of string vibration. Strings are the only part of the guitar itself that produces sound, you don’t want anything to dampen or flatten that sound before it can even register with the pickups.” – Paul Reed Smith.

Original PRS designs from 1982

2024 Wing Updates

PRS will be updating the Core lineup for 2024 with these new Wing tuners. In addition to pickup updates on the McCarty and Custom 24-08 models, new color options, and a new scale length for the Santana Retro model. They have also updated the tuning machines on many of the Core guitars for the new year. For 2024, many of the tuners in our Core line now come with our new “Wing” button design.

The origin of this new button design starts back in 1982 when Paul Reed Smith drew the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” – one of his first original guitar designs, before the foundation of PRS Guitars in 1985.

This all sounds a lot like marketing BS to us. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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