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Vox APC-1 – A Revolutionary Gigbag-Friendly Live Rig?

New Vox APC-1, battery-powered travel guitar with built-in speaker, effects, and rhythm section. A gigbag-friendly, budget live rig?

Vox APC-1. As NAMM 2024 approaches, Vox Amps has excitedly announced the release of the Vox APC-1, transcending traditional guitar design. Merging the charm of the ’60s style with cutting-edge technology, the Vox APC-1 emerges as a multifunctional guitar and performance powerhouse. More than just strings and pickups, it features an integrated amp, effects processor, and rhythm machine, offering a versatile musical experience perfect for various environments.

Vox APC-1

The Vox APC-1, with its retro-futuristic design, might seem like a fantasy creation, but it’s packed with advanced technology. It boasts a Tectonic audio 180° wide-directional speaker and a passive radiator, aiming for exceptional sound quality.

Vox APC-1 with Tectonic audio 180° wide-directional speaker

While it may not rival a 4×12 cabinet, careful adjustments have been made to overcome typical limitations found in similar models. The uniquely designed amp enclosure and isolated speaker mount enhance feedback resistance and ensure a satisfying bass response.

Onboard FX & Rhythms

The built-in effects unit includes chorus, tremolo, delay, and reverb, with an easy-to-use control knob for intensity adjustments. The rhythm machine is equally impressive, featuring 33 patterns across 11 genres, providing ample variety for any musical style.

Vox APC-1

Control is at your fingertips with knobs for selecting effects and rhythm genres, including R&B, funk, dance, metal, blues, and pop. Additional features include a tap tempo button and an onboard tuner. The guitar also comes equipped with a pickup selector, gain, boost (on/off), tone, and volume controls. The boost mode elevates the clean tones to a higher level of distortion.

Vox APC-1 in Red


This travel guitar sports a budget-friendly poplar body, maple neck, purpleheart fretboard, and a 610mm scale. It features a hardtail bridge, and two humbuckers, and is available in orange, blue, and red. The design pays homage to the Vox Apache II, a sought-after vintage guitar.

Vox APC-1 in Orange

Battery Powered

Despite its advanced features, the APC-1 uses six AA batteries, accessible from the back, opting for non-rechargeable power to maintain affordability. With a standard 3/4″ output, aux input, and headphones out, this guitar is ready for any scenario.

Vox APC-1 in Blue

Vox describes the APC-1 as “a comprehensive guitar ideal for musicians on the go”. It will be available from July 2024. For further details on the APC-1, visit

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