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Vox Valvenergy Series 2 Pedals: Featuring Nutube Technology

Vox Valvenergy Series 2 Pedals Featuring Nutube Technology
Vox Valvenergy Series 2 adds four new effects to the Nutube technology driven effects line, first launched back in 2020

Vox amps are legendary for their rich, tube-driven sound. Now, the Valvenergy Series 2 Pedals bring that classic vibe to your pedalboard. 

Vox Valvenergy Series 2

These new additions – the Power Burst, Smooth Impact, Fuel Injector, and Tone Sculptor – are loaded with the revolutionary Nutube technology, ensuring each pedal mimics the response of a traditional tube amp.

Previous models from 2020 include the Silk Drive and Copperhead Drive. These were all more amp/drive based. Whereas, these new 2024 models are different effects, including a compressor and a graphic eq.

Vox Valvenergy Series 2 Pedals Featuring Nutube Technology

 Power Burst: A Natural Boost of Resilience

The Power Burst is simplicity at its best. With a single knob and three modes, this booster pedal provides natural compression and saturation, elevating your sound without compromising its tone.

Smooth Impact: First-of-its-Kind Tube Compressor

Smooth Impact is a breakthrough in pedal design – the first vacuum tube compressor in a compact form. Its unique use of Nutube’s fluctuating power supply voltage offers a playing feel that’s distinct from other compressors.

Fuel Injector: Overdrive with a Tube-like Touch

The Fuel Injector delivers overdrive with an authentic tube-like response and rich harmonics. Developed by Vox, this pedal stands out with its organic distortion, offering a contrast to typical pedal distortions.

Tone Sculptor: Shape Your Sound with Nutube

Featuring Nutube in its preamp section, the Tone Sculptor is more than just a graphic equalizer. It allows you to fine-tune your tone while adding unique tube harmonics and compression.

Revolutionized Buffer Circuit for Enhanced Playability

Vox has also developed a high-quality natural buffer, essential for maximizing Nutube’s potential. This dedicated buffer circuit ensures that when the effects are off, your guitar maintains a natural response and feel. When the effects are on, the buffer works in harmony with the Nutube to provide a smooth playing experience.

Vox Valvenergy

A Design as Unique as Your Sound

Each pedal in the Valvenergy Series 2 is adorned with an etched design, inspired by the unique sound it produces. This not only adds a visually appealing element to your pedalboard but also reflects the distinct characteristics of each effect.

Embrace the future of guitar effects with the Vox Valvenergy Series 2 Pedals – where innovation meets classic sound. Though, you will have to wait to see how much they will cost, as yet no official prices have been announced.

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