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Gibson Kirk Hammett 1989 Les Paul Custom ‘Blacked Out’

LEAK- Gibson Kirk Hammett 1989 Les Paul Custom 'Blacked Out'
The Gibson Kirk Hammett 1989 Les Paul Custom 'Blacked Out' has now officially been released and comes with Fishman Powerbridge piezo

The Gibson Kirk Hammett 1989 Les Paul Custom ‘Blacked Out’ model has just been officially released online after it leaked last week and it looks like another Murphy Labs limited-run model officially has no EMGs. 

UPDATE 23/01/24

It is officially out today on Gibson’s main site and you can preorder it now on Thomann. Gibson has finally updated the official specifications to say T-Type for the two passive humbuckers. But still no EMGs…

Kirk Hammett 1989 Les Paul Custom

UPDATE 20/01/24

The official specifications are a one-piece mahogany body with a maple cap, a SlimTaper mahogany neck, and an ebony fretboard. Pickups are listed as a Gibson 490R neck and 498T bridge, with a Fishman PowerBridge Piezo pickup. Controls are 2 Volume (for Neck and Bridge Pickups), Master Tone, and Fishman Powerbridge Volume.

Aged by the Murphy Lab to match the look and feel of Kirk’s original 1989 Les Paul Custom.

Kirk Hammett

Gibson Kirk Hammett 1989 Les Paul Custom

The image of this Gibson Kirk Hammett 1989 Les Paul Custom ‘Blacked Out’ model fitted with black hardware has leaked online. Kirk is now an official Gibson endorsee so it makes sense to release this one in 2024.

Kirk Hammett 1989 Gibson Les Paul Custom with EMGs

How Much?

We’ve already seen his Greeny, plus the Epiphone version and the Flying V in 2023. So maybe, we will see an Epiphone version of this new one as well? I’m guessing this latest Gibson Les Paul Custom is going to be expensive. As Gibson has already announced a $999 set of PAF humbuckers this week, so they do love releasing expensive collectible gear.

However, it appears to be less money than the $20k of the Murphy Lab Greeny limited-run models. Potentially, more in line with some of the other ‘slightly more affordable’ Gibson Kirk Hammett Collection models.

Fade to Black -LEAK: Gibson Kirk Hammett 1989 Les Paul Custom

Custom Fishman Pickups

It is based on Kirk’s original 1989 model which he swapped out the original gold hardware for the aforementioned black hardware. Plus, he fitted a set of EMG pickups to it at one point. It looks to be a Murphy Lab recreation of the iconic model. However, they appear to have skipped the active EMGs of Kirk’s guitar from that period.

Kirk Hammett Gibson custom Fishman pickups


Looks like Kirk has had a set of passive humbuckers and a  Fishman piezo pickup in this model. Which may well be a piezo in that TonePros style blacked-out bridge. As in the two images, the bridge saddles are all silver and may indicate a Fishman bridge system for ‘faux acoustic’ tones.  Like the Gibson Jerry Cantrell Wino model that uses a Fishman Powerbridge.

LEAK: Gibson Kirk Hammett 1989 Les Paul Custom

Fade to Black -’89 Les Paul Custom

This late ’80s/ early ’90s era of Metallica is a very popular one with fans of the band, as Kirk often used this guitar live on Fade to Black. So this new guitar will, no doubt, have a lot of interest. It comes in a nice Protector case with blue lining and plenty of case candy, including a set of plectrums in a tin and some pin badges.

We will update you as more information becomes available.

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