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Gamechanger Audio MOD Series – FX Pedals meet Eurorack

Gamechanger Audio MOD Series
Gamechanger Audio MOD Series blends traditional guitar effects pedals, with the realm of modular synthesis and patching

Gamechanger Audio MOD Series is a groundbreaking blend of traditional pedal technology and the captivating realm of modular synthesis. This isn’t just an upgrade in sound processing—it’s a redefinition of the capabilities of a pedal.

MOD Series

In the MOD Series, your performance isn’t just about playing music—it’s about creating it. How you play, the dynamics of your touch and the notes you choose become the architects of your unique sound, molding tones and textures that change and grow with your music. It’s potentially an invitation to a journey of endless discovery and creativity.

Gamechanger Audio MOD Series

Simple, yet Complex

Tailored for those who love to explore sound, the MOD Series is both simple to use and deeply complex. It opens a world of creative possibilities, where every adjustment leads to new, undiscovered auditory experiences. Unleash your creativity and step into a realm beyond the ordinary.


Each pedal in the series comes with two modulation sources, controlled directly by your playing. The ‘DYNAMICS’ feature captures the nuances of your playing style and your instrument’s sound, while the ‘PITCH‘ tracker responds to your note choices, bends, and vibratos. With simple patch cables, you can direct these modulations to any of the four effect knobs, creating a dynamic sound palette.

While traditional effects are often controlled through presets or pedals, the MOD series offers a unique approach. Here, you orchestrate effects simply by playing your instrument.

Gamechanger Audio MOD Series

Setting up is easy:

1. Choose from three unique algorithms and adjust your sound with four effect knobs. Turn on the effect with the ON footswitch.
2. Patch the DYNAMICS and PITCH outputs to inputs for the effect knobs. Engage modulation with the MOD footswitch.
3. Use the modulation amount knobs to fine-tune the modulation’s intensity and direction, from subtle tweaks to wildly changing sounds.

Gamechanger Audio MOD Series

Features include:

– Stereo and mono signal processing, with stereo routing possible through both TS mono and TRS stereo cables.
– Switchable input levels for different sources: INSTRUMENT, LINE, or EURORACK.
– Adjustable LEVEL knob functions for different mixing needs.
– TRACK input and output for auxiliary signal routing.
MIDI/CLK input for synchronization with MIDI clock or analog triggers.
– 9V DC power inlet, with a maximum power draw of 250 mA.
– USB input for future updates.

MOD Delay

MOD DELAY: Offers TAPE, ANALOG BBD, and DIGITAL delay modes, with controls for LEVEL, TIME, FEEDBACK, and TONE. Features include tap tempo, ducking delay, and unique delay effects based on note pitch.

Gamechanger Audio MOD Series

MOD Reverb

MOD REVERB: Includes PLATE, SPRING, and HALL reverb modes, with controls for LEVEL, DECAY, TONE, and DRIVE. Create gated reverb effects or adjust reverb characteristics based on note pitch for a clearer mix.

Gamechanger Audio MOD Series

MOD Chorus

MOD CHORUS: Features CHORUS & VIBRATO, ENSEMBLE, and FLANGE modes, with LEVEL, DEPTH, RATE, and FEEDBACK controls. Experiment with delayed vibratos, resonant chorus attacks, and an accelerating jet engine effect using the FLANGER mode.

Gamechanger Audio MOD Series

New Creative Tools

The MOD Series from Gamechanger Audio is more than just a standard effect pedal. It’s an innovative tool for musicians who love to experiment and shape their sound in real time. Allowing creatives to explore new dimensions of sound with the MOD Series – where your performance becomes the pathway to uncharted sonic territories.

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