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Industrialectric 4046-M VCO: Revamped V2 for 2024 announced

Industrialectric Revamped 4046-M VCO
Industrialectric 4046-M VCO (V2): A Blend of Vintage Charm and Modern Innovation, back in production and revamped for 2024

Industrialctric has just announced the return of its classic Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO), the 4046-M, now reimagined as the 4046-M (V2). This return comes in response to overwhelming customer demand, signifying a revival of a beloved product with enhanced features and functionality.

Industrialectric 4046-M 

The 4046-M, renowned for its ability to accurately track and lock onto the phase of incoming signals, divides its oscillator signal into two distinct harmonic voices. Each voice can be manipulated into a range of intervals, offering a rich sonic palette. The heart of the 4046-M lies in its unique and primitive modulator circuit, capable of producing a spectrum of sounds from the wildly abstract to the strikingly functional.

Industrialectric Revamped 4046-M VCO
Industrialectric Revamped 4046-M VCO

Revamped 2024

The newly introduced 4046-M (V2) retains all the cherished sounds and capabilities of the original model while introducing several key upgrades:

1. Redesigned Circuitry: Key components of the circuit have been re-engineered to enhance the oscillator’s capabilities and ensure robust performance.

2. Clean Output: The V2 version offers a crisp, clear sound output, ideal for pure tonal quality.

3. Fuzz Output: Adds a layer of gritty, textured sound, perfect for musicians seeking a more aggressive tone.

4. Enhanced Trackability and Focus Controls: These new controls enable precise tracking in a wide range of settings, ensuring the oscillator’s performance is consistently reliable.

5. Additional Modulator Channel: Expands the creative possibilities by offering an extra layer of modulation.

6. Sleek Metal Enclosure: The 4046-M (V2) is housed in a new, all-metal slim enclosure, combining durability with an elegant design.

7. Revamped Graphics: The 4046-M has also been given a fresh paint job and modern graphics.

Industrialectric4046-M VCO and RCM-3

Remote Control Compatibility

The new 2024 version is compatible with the RCM-3 (Remote Control Module, sold separately), offering remote access to bypass synth voices, control the fuzz, or manipulate both. Additionally, it provides expression control over the modulator for enhanced creative flexibility.

RCM-3 footswitch

Guitar Bomb Verdict

The newly redesigned 4046-M (V2 is launching this week at NAMM 2024. As ever Industrialctric does not disappoint, and this latest incarnation of the design looks fantastic. They are great for work in the studio, for anyone creative, but solid enough to go out on the road.

MSRP – 4046-M (V2) Main unit: $360 USD, RCM-3: $60 USD 

As ever, these are going to be popular with those in the know, so be quick so as not to miss out.

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