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Jack White Triple Threat – 3-in-1 Analog Multi-Effects by Donner and Third Man Hardware

Jack White Triple Threat a 3-in-1 Analogue Multi-Effects Pedal by Donner and Third Man Hardware

The Jack White Triple Threat is part of White’s Third Man Hardware, made in collaboration with Donner. The Triple Threat, a versatile 3-in-1 analog multi-effects pedal, at NAMM 2024. This innovative pedal combines Echo, Phaser, and Distortion effects, catering to various music genres, although Jack White humorously notes, “Maybe not opera.”

Jack White Triple Threat

Not just satisfied with releasing the new $75 DIY fuzz pedal, Jack White’s Third Man Hardware has announced the Triple Threat today as well.

Earlier this month, Jack White hinted on Instagram about this exciting collaboration. The pedal is available in two versions: a limited-edition yellow exclusive to Third Man’s Reverb store and a standard black variant.

Donner Triple Threat standard black

Alpha series

Inspired by Donner’s Alpha series pedals from 2017, White recognized their quality and value, making them ideal for Third Man Hardware’s beginner guitarists.

Triple Threat Jack White

Three Effects

The Triple Threat features three main footswitches. Its Distortion effect includes volume, gain, and tone controls, engineered to produce a powerful rock sound. The Phaser segment, an upgrade from Donner’s Pearl Tremor pedal, offers extended modulation controls. The Echo effect, derived from Donner’s first pedal, the Yellow Fall Delay, boasts a warm analog tone and rich feedback.

Donner Triple Threat Jack White pedal

Third Man Hardware

Designed externally by Third Man Hardware, the Triple Threat’s circuitry and tone have been tailored to White’s specifications. He expresses his desire to create an affordable pedal for beginner musicians, praising the heavy-duty quality of the effects. The Triple Threat, he says, will be a comfortable addition to any musician’s pedal board.

Priced at $99 for the standard edition and $129 for the limited-edition model on Reverb, the Triple Threat promises to be a sought-after item for musicians.

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