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Third Man Hardware Fuzz-a-Tron – $75 Jack White DIY Fuzz Kit

Third Man Hardware Fuzz-a-Tron relates a $75 Jack White DIY Fuzz Kit and it comes with a QR code instruction manual

Third Man Hardware, spearheaded by the renowned Jack White, has recently made waves in the DIY effects pedal community with the introduction of its affordable and innovative Fuzz-a-Tron pedal kit.

Third Man Hardware Fuzz-a-Tron

This new entrant is part of a growing trend in the pedal kit market, which has gained significant momentum following the 2023 launch of the acclaimed JHS Pedals Notaklön. Priced at just $99, the Notaklön set a benchmark for budget-friendly, solderless pedal kits, garnering widespread praise within the guitar community.

Third Man Hardware Fuzz-a-Tron


Catalinbread Effects also entered the fray with its Knight School Overdrive, but Third Man Hardware, a brand celebrated for its top-tier offerings and high-profile partnerships, has upped the ante with its Fuzz-a-Tron kit. Remarkably priced at only $75, the Fuzz-a-Tron not only challenges its DIY competitors on affordability but also stands out as one of the most cost-effective fuzz units available.

Third Man Hardware Fuzz-a-Tron DIY kit

QR code

Despite lacking the social media buzz of JHS Pedals, Third Man Hardware’s Fuzz-a-Tron promises immense popularity, particularly for fans of Jack White’s distinctive fuzz tone. This kit, while requiring some soldering, is designed for beginners and comes with a helpful QR code linking to online instructions. It also includes a Third Man sticker pack for personalized aesthetic enhancements.

The Fuzz-a-Tron, resembling the iconic Maestro Fuzz-Tone in design, is user-friendly in both assembly and operation, featuring straightforward Tone and Volume controls and a bypass footswitch. Once assembled, it delivers a versatile “classic sounding fuzz” effect.

NAMM releases

In addition to the Fuzz-a-Tron, Third Man Hardware has also showcased other notable products during this NAMM week, including a collaboration with Donner on a budget-friendly multi-effects pedal. The sustained interest and innovation in the DIY pedal sector suggest that this trend is set to continue growing. For more information and to explore the Fuzz-a-Tron, visit Third Man Hardware’s website.

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