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Two Notes Genome – Affordable Professional Guitar Tone

Two Notes Genome
Two Notes Audio Engineering Genome - Affordable Professional Tone with a Carrier Class Adaptive Channel Strip

The Two Notes Audio Engineering Genome is a revolutionary digital ecosystem designed for guitarists and bassists. It seamlessly integrates a wide array of post-processing effects, from amp simulations and dynamic impulse responses (IRs) to pedal emulations and correctional tools. This all-in-one suite provides every digital tool a musician needs in a single, streamlined environment.


With over 15 years of expertise, Two Notes has been at the forefront of creating top-notch gear for touring and studio setups. This includes load boxes, attenuators, and digital cabinet emulators. The development of the Genome has spanned five years, including early teases in 2022 and beta versions in 2023. Now, Two Notes is set to revolutionize the virtual market with this comprehensive software suite, promising advanced tone-shaping capabilities for musicians.

Two Notes Genome
Two Notes Genome

Carrier Class Adaptive Channel Strip

Described as a “carrier-class adaptive channel strip,” Genome offers end-to-end tone shaping with a wide array of features under its hood. Users will find an extensive collection of amplifiers, pedals, professional-grade virtual cabinets, and additional post-production effects. Plus, the suite is set to expand further with future updates.

DynIR technology

The Genome is powered by three proprietary engines and includes Two Notes’ renowned DynIR technology, ensuring seamless integration into any live or studio setup. The DynIR engine alone provides the power of 160,000 studio-grade IR files, allowing for extensive mic positioning and dual mic-ing capabilities. This feature enables musicians to tailor their sound with precision.

A key aspect of Genome is its user-friendly workflow. The software’s lane-based signal flow and 20 components facilitate quick preset creation, letting musicians focus more on playing than tweaking settings. Additionally, optional dual lanes offer parallel processing for even more sonic versatility.


Genome’s AI-driven Codex technology acts as a unification engine, enhancing digital rigs and adapting static AI models. This technology offers an intuitive interface with essential controls for gain, bass, middle, treble, and volume, allowing for fine-tuning of static amp models. The enhancer panel further allows detailed adjustments, adding depth and character to the sound.

Tube-Stage Modeling

Tube-Stage Modeling (TSM) amplifier engine is another standout feature, offering professional-grade preamps that emulate iconic guitar and bass gear. Users can mix and match these preamps for unique tonal possibilities. The customizable power amp section includes various tube models (6L6, EL34, EL84, KT88) in different configurations, offering extensive tone-sculpting options.

The Genome also boasts a wide array of virtual pedals inspired by legendary designs, ranging from analog delays to vintage overdrives and Big Fuzz-style stompboxes. These pedals will continue to grow with future updates, ensuring a dynamic and evolving palette for musicians.

Further sonic refinement is possible with a range of studio-grade effects embedded in the software. These include dynamic control modulation, spatial effects, and corrective processing, all integrated with Two Notes’ Torpedo virtual cabinet emulations.

Guillaume Pille, CEO of Two Notes, highlights the ambition behind Genome, emphasizing its ability to elevate musicians’ sound with cutting-edge technology. With a roadmap full of features and component releases planned for 2024, Genome is set to be an essential part of any musician’s rig and virtual backline.

Affordable Professional Tone

Available now on the Two Notes website for $79.99, Genome offers free lifetime licenses to registered Two Notes software users. For those new to Two Notes, a 14-day trial period is available to experience the software’s capabilities.

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