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Spurr Audio Echo Mini: A Gateway to Vintage-Inspired Sonic Adventures

Spurr Audio Echo Mini: A Gateway to Vintage-Inspired Sonic Adventures
Spurr Audio's Echo Mini redefines the echo/delay experience with a distinctive "low-fi" output in its repetitions.

Spurr Audio has officially launched the Echo Mini, a groundbreaking echo/delay pedal that infuses every note with a unique “low-fi” charm. This innovative device is engineered to offer an immersive auditory experience, inviting players into a world where sonic exploration knows no bounds.

Spurr Audio Echo Mini

The Echo Mini stands out with its four user-friendly controls, each meticulously designed to unlock new dimensions of sound. The Mix Control feature allows for a seamless fusion of the direct signal with the pedal’s effect, offering a canvas for a broad spectrum of tonal textures. Meanwhile, the Time Adjustment knob provides musicians with the ability to fine-tune the interval between echoes, adding a layer of rhythmic precision and spatial depth to their compositions.

Spurr Audio Echo Mini: A Gateway to Vintage-Inspired Sonic Adventures

For those looking to add complexity to their soundscapes, the Echo Repetition control offers the freedom to set the number of echoes for each note. This function is complemented by an oscillation feature, perfect for crafting experimental and evolving sonic textures. Additionally, the Rate Modulation setting introduces a dynamic twist to the echoes, further broadening the pedal’s creative potential.


One of the Echo Mini’s standout features is its Low-Frequency Oscillation (LFO) system, expertly crafted to simulate the nostalgic wear-and-tear effect reminiscent of classic 1980s analog delays. This distinctive touch not only enriches the pedal’s sound with vintage flair but also pays homage to the era’s iconic musical tones.

Retro 80s Style

The aesthetic of the Echo Mini is equally impressive, featuring artwork inspired by the microorganisms used in 1980s finishes, a creative nod by Victor, the visionary behind Spurr Audio. This design choice not only enhances the pedal’s visual appeal but also aligns with the dark, enigmatic tones that echo effects are renowned for.

Spurr Audio Echo Mini: A Gateway to Vintage-Inspired Sonic Adventures

VU meter

Adding to its vintage charm, the Echo Mini is equipped with a VU meter that visually responds to each strum, offering a captivating glimpse into the pedal’s effect on the guitar signal.

Priced at $159, this pedal is set to become available on February 16th. See website details below and make sure to follow them on Instagram as well.

Guitar Bomb Verdict

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, the Echo Mini by Spurr Audio is your ticket to exploring the vast possibilities of echo and delay effects, all while paying tribute to the rich heritage of vintage audio equipment. We love Victor’s work and this latest effect looks like a winner for fans of lo-fi delays, and 80s aesthetics.

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