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VOX Amplug 3: Elevate Your Practice Sessions Anywhere, Anytime

VOX Amplugs 3
VOX Amplug 3 expands their range of headphone amps and gives them better-quality tones, effects, and more. A great practice tool for guitar?

Discover the VOX Amplug 3, the newest evolution in the acclaimed headphone amp series by VOX, designed to cater to the versatile needs of guitarists and bassists. With an array of 7 distinct amp models, the Amplug 3 brings an innovative blend of convenience and quality to your practice sessions, making it an indispensable tool for musicians on the move.

VOX Amplug 3

The VOX Amplug 3 series presents a collection of 7 portable headphone amps, each engineered for effortless practice wherever you are. These two-channel amps are equipped with three built-in effects and 9 rhythmic patterns, including a straightforward metronome to fine-tune your timing. Powered by a fresh set of batteries, these compact devices promise up to 16 hours of continuous play, ensuring your practice sessions are uninterrupted.

Authentic Sound and Refined Effects

VOX takes pride in the purely analog circuits of the Amplug 3, which have seen significant enhancements over their predecessors. These improvements aim to deliver a more authentic amp tone and a superior playing experience. The redesigned effects now offer wide stereo sounds, adding depth and dimension to your practice.

VOX Amplugs 3

Diverse Amp Models for Every Style

The VOX Amplug 3 range includes:

– AC30: Experience the iconic VOX AC30 sound, with Channel 1 providing the classic warmth and Channel 2 offering a vibrant top boost. Enjoy the versatility of tremolo, chorus, delay, and reverb effects.
– UK Drive: Dive into the essence of a British 100W stack, with vintage tones on Channel 1 and crisp distortion on Channel 2. Effects include chorus, delay, and reverb.
– US Silver: Embrace the clean, warm tones of an American combo amp, with a smooth drive on Channel 2, complemented by tremolo, chorus, delay, and reverb effects.
– Boutique: Channel the exclusive sound of a boutique amplifier, with pristine cleans on Channel 1 and a bright, silky overdrive on Channel 2.
– High Gain: For those seeking modern high-gain tones, this model offers moderate to aggressive distortion, paired with chorus, delay, and reverb effects.
– Bass: Perfect for bassists, this model delivers classic amp sounds with an overdrive option on Channel 2, and effects like compressor, chorus, delay, and hall.
– Modern Bass: Explore modern, clean bass tones or aggressive high-gain distortion with an edge, along with chorus, delay, and reverb effects.

VOX Amplug 3: Elevate Your Practice Sessions Anywhere, Anytime

Pre Order

The new series can be pre-ordered from Thomann here;

Guitar Bomb Verdict

Whether you’re looking to capture the essence of classic amp sounds or explore modern tones, the VOX Amplug 3 series offers an affordable, versatile range of options to enhance your practice sessions. With its portable design, improved sound quality, and a variety of effects, the VOX Amplug 3 could be your go-to solution for playing and practicing anywhere, anytime.

VOX Amplug 3: Elevate Your Practice Sessions Anywhere, Anytime

The price point is attractive and the variety of guitar amps and bass amps is pretty reasonable as well. Plus, these models all come with the ability to record directly into your smartphone using TRRS cables and a suitable adapter.

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