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Skronk Machine by Blammo Electronics – A Modern Zonk Machine?

Skronk Machine by Blammo Electronics - A Modern Zonk Machine?
Introducing the Skronk Machine by Blammo Electronics: A Modern Tribute to the Classic Zonk Machine Fuzz Pedal

The Skronk Machine by Blammo Electronics is a contemporary reimagining of the iconic Zonk Machine, tailored for today’s vintage fuzz enthusiasts. This updated version enhances the user experience with smooth, no-click relay switching, versatile passive tone control, and a sleek, pedalboard-friendly design.

Skronk Machine

Blammo Electronics has crafted the Skronk Machine for fuzz pedal connoisseurs who cherish the distinctive sounds of the 1960s. It revives the essence of the rare John Hornby Skewes Zonk Machine, a revered fuzz pedal produced only during 1965-66, renowned for shaping the fuzz tones we adore.

Blammo Electronics Skronk Machine fuzz pedal

Modern Update

The Skronk Machine, akin to the Gary Hurst MK1 Tone Bender in its three-transistor circuit design, offers a fresh perspective on this classic effect. Despite the existence of other reproductions, the Skronk Machine stands out with its compact size, top-mounted jacks for better pedalboard integration, and a no-click relay switch with memory for the last-used setting, ensuring ease of use and convenience.

NOS transistors

Distinguishing itself further, the updated circuit addresses the original Zonk Machine’s bright fuzz tone with new passive tone control, allowing players to dial back the high-end to suit their taste. The pedal features carefully selected NOS germanium MP38a transistors for consistent performance and enhanced power handling.

Skronk Machine PCB with NOS parts

True Bypass

True bypass for an uncolored signal when off, an illuminating blue LED when active, and captivating graphics round out the Skronk Machine’s offerings.

Priced at $169.99, this pedal is a must-have for guitar players looking to capture the spirit of the 60s fuzz with modern reliability and versatility.

For more detailed information, visit Blammo Electronics.

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