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Love Hultén MIDI Guitar – The Ultimate Chiptune Experience?

Love Hultén MIDI Guitar
The latest custom alientech and craftporn from Sweden. Introducing the Love Hultén MIDI Guitar complete with NESpoly synth

Love Hultén, renowned for his innovative transformations of existing hardware, unveils a groundbreaking addition to his collection: a MIDI guitar infused with a unique NES-style chiptune synthesizer. This exceptional instrument, custom-built for musician Catbeats, stands out with its unparalleled features and design.

Love Hultén MIDI Guitar

At the heart of this extraordinary guitar is the YouRock MIDI technology, enabling seamless integration with digital music setups. What sets this guitar apart is not just its MIDI capability, but its in-built NESpoly synth, allowing it to produce distinctive chiptune sounds independently. This feature adds a nostalgic yet fresh dimension to the musical experience.

Practical Design

Designed with practicality in mind, the guitar boasts a detachable neck for easy transportation, ensuring that creativity knows no bounds. It also features an array of tone-shaping controls, catering to a wide range of sonic preferences. The guitar’s aesthetic is equally captivating, with a replaceable dome that houses a customizable cat avatar, adding a personal touch to the instrument.

Love Hultén MIDI Guitar - The Ultimate Chiptune Experience?

Custom Strap

Adding to its allure is a custom strap crafted from materials inspired by extraterrestrial textures, blending fantasy with functionality. This guitar not only captures the imagination but also delivers a mesmerizing auditory experience, evident upon hearing its unique sounds.

Love Hultén MIDI Guitar
Love Hultén MIDI Guitar

For those intrigued by this blend of retro charm and modern innovation, Love Hultén invites inquiries through his website. This MIDI-equipped guitar is more than an instrument; it’s a real statement piece that embodies the fusion of art and technology, promising an unmatched musical journey. Or, some crazy Chiptunes synth tones at least.

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