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Duesenberg Julietta: The Ultimate Blend of Style and Versatility

Duesenberg Julietta- The Ultimate Blend of Style and Versatility
Duesenberg Julietta - Packed with all the features you would expect, and available in a baritone version as well

Duesenberg, the renowned German electric guitar manufacturer, is excited to present the Julietta, a groundbreaking addition to its illustrious lineup. Known for its high-end, classic car-inspired designs, Duesenberg now offers the Julietta, an elegantly crafted single-cut guitar with a bolt-on construction, at an unprecedented value. This model, available in both standard and baritone versions, epitomizes the brand’s commitment to blending aesthetic finesse with musical versatility.

Duesenberg Julietta

Available in an array of stunning finishes, including the debut of the sophisticated Catalina Black, the Julietta is equipped with a dynamic duo of pickups: a robust humbucker and a nuanced P-90. This pairing ensures a wide spectrum of tonal possibilities, catering to a variety of musical genres and styles.

Duesenberg Julietta- The Ultimate Blend of Style and Versatility

Retro Style

2024 heralds an exciting phase for Duesenberg, with the new Julietta leading a series of innovative models. Esteemed artists such as Ronnie Wood, Tom Bukovac, Bob Dylan, and the late Chris Cornell have all recognized the brand’s exceptional quality and design.

The Julietta, while being the most accessible option in Duesenberg’s range, embodies the distinctive characteristics of Dieter Gölsdorf’s design ethos, including the iconic ‘D’ detailing and a commitment to original, retro-inspired shapes.

Duesenberg Julietta


The Julietta’s design features a comfortable single-cut body with a smooth cutaway, constructed from solid alder. It boasts a one-piece maple neck with a D-shaped profile, capped with an Indian rosewood fretboard, and securely bolted to the body for enhanced resonance and sustain. The design is further complemented by cream dot inlays, 22 jumbo frets, and a distinctive hardware selection that includes the brand’s unique tailpiece and bridge options.

Duesenberg Julietta P-90


Guitar enthusiasts will appreciate the Julietta’s innovative pickup configuration, comprising a Grand Vintage humbucker and a Domino P-90, offering a versatile range of tones from classic warmth to crisp clarity. The addition of trapezoid metal covers on the pickups adds a touch of elegance to the instrument’s overall aesthetics.

Duesenberg Baritone


With a selection of five exquisite finishes and the option of a baritone version in Catalina Red and Catalina Black, the Julietta is as visually appealing as it is musically proficient. Each guitar undergoes Duesenberg’s meticulous Plek setup process, ensuring optimal playability straight out of the deluxe gig bag.

For more information on the Duesenberg Julietta, and availability, visit the official Duesenberg website.

The official RRP is TBC. However,  European retailers are pricing on Reverb from £1,366 for the regular model, and £1,507 for the 28” scale baritone.

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