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Fender Unveils Upgraded Player II Series – The best value Fender guitars yet?

Fender Unveils Upgraded Player II Series
Fender's Player II Series electric guitars and basses are here! Packed with upgrades like rosewood fingerboards, classic-gear tuners, chambered body options, and a wider range of finishes

Fender has shaken up the mid-priced electric guitar and bass market by introducing the Player II Series. This significant upgrade boasts a variety of player-centric improvements, making it a strong contender for the title of “best bang for your buck” electric guitar or bass.

Player II Series Key Features and Upgrades:

  • Triumphant Return of Rosewood Fingerboards: One of the most anticipated changes is the return of rosewood fretboards across a wide range of Player II models. This smooth and comfortable playing surface, prized for its rich tonal characteristics and natural feel, makes a welcome comeback.

  • Enhanced Playability: Comfort is a key focus, with all Player II guitars featuring Modern C neck profiles, known for their versatility and suitability for various playing styles. Rolled fingerboard edges eliminate sharp fret ends, improving comfort and playability for new and experienced players.

  • Tonal Nuance and Diverse Options: Thanks to the expanded selection of tonewoods, the Player II Series allows musicians to achieve a wider range of sounds. Solid alder bodies remain the standard, offering the classic Fender foundation. However, chambered ash and mahogany options are available on select Stratocasters and Telecasters, introducing a touch of natural reverb for a more spacious and airy sound.

  • ClassicGear Tuners: These high-quality tuners, typically found on more expensive Fender models, ensure smooth and reliable tuning stability, eliminating frustration and allowing players to focus on making music.

  • Mustang Saddles on Jazzmaster/Jaguar: Improved tuning stability and tremolo performance for those who love to bend notes and create expressive soundscapes.

  • Stunning Visual Appeal: Fender offers a variety of finishes, catering to traditionalists and those who crave something different. Classic favorites like 3-Color Sunburst and Black are joined by never-before-seen archive finishes such as Coral Red, Aquatone Blue, and Hialeah Yellow.


Player II Series Stratocaster.jpg
Player II Stratocaster

Player II Stratocaster

As we celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Fender Stratocaster, there’s a sense of anticipation surrounding the Player Series II model. If it follows the blockbuster trend, it may become the highest-selling Strat of all time.

Time will reveal the true impact of this iconic release.

Fender Player II Stratocaster
Player II Stratocaster Chambered

What we do know for sure is that the Player Series II offers something for everyone. Traditionalists seeking that classic sound can opt for a model with a solid alder body, perfect for letting loose and unleashing their creativity.

The chambered models provide a versatile alternative for those searching for a more lightweight option.



Whether you choose the chambered ash or chambered mahogany model, you’ll enjoy a consistent triple-pickup configuration featuring Alnico V Strat single coils at the bridge, middle, and neck positions.

The five-way blade pickup switch allows you to select different pickup combinations, while the volume and dual-tone controls enable you to craft your ideal tone.

Fender Player II Stratocaster Left Handed
Player II Stratocaster Left-Handed

All Player Series II guitars have a stable two-point synchronized tremolo system and reliable ClassicGear tuners.

With prices ranging from £739/$799 to £809/$899, the Player Series II offers exceptional value for the craftsmanship and features it provides. Left-handed options are also available, catering to a diverse range of players.

Additionally, depending on the finish, the choice of maple or rosewood fretboards further showcases the options available in this impressive lineup.

Fender Player II Stratocaster HSS
Player II Stratocaster HSS Chambered

Player II Stratocaster HSS

This versatile workhorse features a comfortable Modern C neck, a three-way pickup selector for choosing between single-coil and humbucker tones, and a two-point synchronized tremolo for expressive playing.

Players can customize their sound further with chambered ash or mahogany body options.

Fender Player II Stratocaster HSS
Fender Player II Stratocaster HSS

The single-coil pickups deliver the quintessential glassy Strat chime, while the humbucker in the bridge position provides a thicker punch for heavier riffs or leads.

This HSS configuration makes the Stratocaster HSS a true do-it-all instrument.

Player II Telecaster

Choose from solid alder, chambered ash, or chambered mahogany for the body.

The classic Telecaster sound shines through with Player Series Alnico V single-coil pickups. Control your tone with the familiar three-way pickup selector switch, volume knob, and tone knob – all conveniently mounted on the metal control plate. String-through-body intonation is a breeze thanks to the six-saddle bridge, improving the traditional three-saddle design.

Fender Player II Telecaster.
Player II Telecaster

Looking for a solid body? You’ll have a variety of finishes to choose from, including 3-Color Sunburst, Polar White (rosewood fingerboard only), Hialeah Yellow, Birch Green, Aquatone Blue, Black, and Coral Red. Lefties can choose from Polar White (rosewood fingerboard only), 3-Color Sunburst, and Hialeah Yellow.

Fender Player II HH Telecaster
Player II HH Telecaster

Do you prefer a chambered body for a lighter weight and a touch of natural reverb? These are offered in Aged Cherry Burst, Transparent Cherry Burst, Mocha, White Blonde, and Butterscotch Blonde.

No matter your preference, Player II Telecasters are competitively priced from £759/$829 to £829/$929.


Player II Telecaster HH

This Tele breaks the mold with a dual-humbucker configuration, offering a thicker and more powerful sound perfect for high-gain genres like rock and metal. It retains the familiar Tele control layout and features a solid alder body in various finish options.

Fender Player II HH Telecaster
Player II HH Telecaster


Player II Jazzmaster and Jaguar

These offset guitars return to their roots with a more traditional single-coil pickup configuration, ideal for alternative and indie rock tones.

Fender Player II Jazzmaster
Player II Jazzmaster

The Jazzmaster features Alnico V single-coil pickups and a simplified control scheme for user-friendliness. The Jaguar features Alnico V pickups at the bridge and Alnico II at the neck, offering a distinct tonal character with “crystalline highs, musical mids, and tight lows.”

Both models benefit from adding Mustang saddles on the floating tremolo bridge for enhanced performance.

Fender Player II Jaguar
Player II Jaguar

Player II Mustang

This compact and playable guitar is perfect for players of all sizes and abilities. The Mustang’s 24″ scale length and the inclusion of rolled fingerboard edges make it a comfortable and inviting instrument.

Fender Player II Mustang
Player II Mustang


Player II Precision Bass and Jazz Bass

These bass guitars stay true to the classic Fender formula and feature alder bodies, bolt-on maple necks, and iconic single-coil P-Bass or dual-coil Jazz Bass pickups. Upgraded hardware includes a four-saddle bridge and open-gear tuners for reliable performance.

Fender Player II Precision Bass
Player II Precision Bass
Fender Player II Jazz Bass
Player II Jazz Bass

Player II Mustang Bass PJ

This short-scale bass is a hybrid design featuring a P-J pickup configuration. It offers a versatile tonal palette in a comfortable 30″ scale length. It is ideal for beginners or experienced bassists seeking a fun and functional instrument.

Fender Player II Mustang Bass
Player II Mustang Bass


Guitar Bomb Verdict

The Fender Player II Series offers a comprehensive selection of electric guitars and basses, each boasting significant playability, tone, and aesthetic upgrades. The Player II Series is a compelling option for guitarists and bassists of all levels with a wide variety of models to choose from and a price point that makes them highly competitive.

The Fender Player Series II is available at Thomann

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